News or editorial?

To me, news is just the facts, while editorials may have facts but also have spin and opinion.  Tell my what you think of the opening of this purported “news” story from AP:

The demise of the bridge to nowhere notwithstanding, Sen. Ted Stevens and other Republicans remain the kings of pork-barrel spending, proving that GOP mastery of “earmarks” can withstand public scorn, a president’s rebuke and even a Democratic takeover of Congress.

Certainly it’s catchy writing, and the underlying point about Congressional (and Republican) pork practices is newsworthy, but….


One Response

  1. You act surprised! The simple truth is that the MSM no longer tries to conceal its bias. It has seen that there is no penalty for flaunting its liberal proclivities , so why try to hide them. Journalistic integrity and intellectual honesty are quaint notions, but they’re so passe. Come on, Book, Its not how you play the game, its whether you win. You see, we’re all partisans.

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