Islam’s long war

Michael Cappi, who got interested in Islam after being near Ground Zero on 9/11, has written what looks like a must-read book called A Never Ending War. Jamie Glazon interviews Cappi at Front Page Magazine, and Cappi has some very interesting things to say about the nature of Islam, the Koran, War and the West:

If anyone takes the time to read the Qur’an the answer to your question is simple and very obvious. For accuracy purposes I read three versions. They all agree in principle. The Qur’an is nothing like the Bible or New Testament. In no way and certainly not in substance or intent is it similar. By the way any belief system can be perverted to nefarious ends but if the system itself is fundamentally benign or moral any perversion of its philosophical premises can be righted. However, when the belief system itself is corrupt or evil no good can come from it. The Qur’an is just such a belief system: it is a “blueprint for war” and for the subjugation of the non-believer. To the extent it deals with any aspect of morality it is similar to the Judeo-Christian ethic but only if this ethic is not in conflict with the goals of Islam’s spread and world conquest.

The Qur’an is filled with endless directives compelling Muslims to convert, conquer or kill non-believers and to conquer the non-Islamic world. Further Islam dictates that the Qur’an must be accepted and followed literally. Apostasy is heresy and punishable by death. It is this belief system that throughout history has caused Muslims to endlessly embark on conquest. In 1400 years of history the only time the West has been at “peace” with Islam was from the end of the Ottoman Empire early in the 20th Century through the end of World War ll. The reason for Islam’s dormancy during this brief period was the overwhelming superiority of the West technologically and economically along with the impoverished and largely uneducated Islamic world. The difference made it impossible for Islam to confront the West in any way. The vast quantity of money flowing into the Middle East from the sale of oil after WWII has allowed Islam to buy what it needs to once again begin its quest. The modern jihad was born.

The oil money has funded the terrorists, the construction of endless mosques and madrassas- Islamic religious schools – throughout the West. Both school and mosque almost all preach the most extreme form of Islam – Wahhabism. Our “friends” the Saudis fund most of these activities.

Perhaps that was a long-winded way of saying that Islam itself is the enemy, not a number of terrorist groups. Terrorism is one of Islam’s tools but it is the religion of Islam that is at war with us. One might ask how can a religion be at war with countries? The brief answer lies in the fact that there is no separation of church and state in Islam. The law of Islam is Shari’ and it is derived from the Qur’an and Haddiths. Every Muslim country in the world is governed by Shari’a. (Turkey is an exception but even it does not violate Shari’a and in fact is suffering an internal struggle to adopt overthrow its secular laws in favor of Shari’a.)

The central theme found throughout the Qur’an and embodied in Shari’a is a concept of a very definite world order. There can exist, according to Islam only two states in the world: dar al Islam – the realm of Islam and dar al harb – the realm of war. If you are not part of Islam you are at war with Islam. The war can take any form, be it terrorism, subversion or economics.

Through Shari’a the religion of Islam and the state of Islam are one. For a Muslim there is no conflict in this regard. The absolute essential theme of every action of every Islamic nation and practicing Muslim is the establishment of Shari’a in every country in the world just as Mohammed commanded through the Qur’an. This has been a driving force for 1400 years.

And for those of you who insist on linking Mormons to Islamists as a way to defeat Romney’s candidacy — stop that right now.  I’m perfectly willing to concede that Mormon doctrine is strange to the uninitiated and that it is unforgivably derivative to Christian purists.

People also complaint about Mormonism’s subjugation of women, something that is certainly true for the more bizarre polygamists but that is not true for the mainstream Mormons.  (And I say this as someone who knows many, many Mormon families.)  The fact is that the Mormon approach to wives, although wrapped up in an admittedly peculiar afterlife doctrine, is in keeping with all Judeo-Christian religions that see a defined role for the woman that is separate from the man’s, and that gives the man pride of place in the family unit.  The most explicit statement of this doctrine I’ve ever seen was at the very beautiful wedding of super-fundamentalist Christian friends.  There the minister was at pains to remind the new wife that, just as Christ is the head of the Church, so her husband would be the head of the family. He also reminded the new husband, though, that whether in the Christian faith or the Christian family, a head with no body, or a head with a maltreated body, is ineffective at best and meaningless at worst.

To get back to Mitt — his Mormon faith believes in conversion through words and love, not through the sword which is the single most important distinction between it and Islam.  There are a few other important distinctions, though, and we’d do well not to forget them.  Mormonism it does not advocate the overthrow of the US government in favor of a Mormon theocracy; it does not advocate the subjection of Western women; it does not advocate the mass conversion of all Americans; and it does not consider Jews and other Christians to be inferior people who deserve death and slavery.

I could go on and on, but I hope you get my point.  You may not like Mormonism (I don’t myself), but please do not fall in the prejudiced fallacy of likening a solid American Mormon to a wild Islamic fundamentalist.


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  1. this person became interested in islam for what ? to embrace it or to pick, and nick and misquate,and then on top pour all the filth on islam with the likes of Rushdie, Ali Sana,Ali Hersi etc the so called humanists who have nothing to offer but nothingness,while islam comes with the full package, and answers for all your problums and they can not stomach it.they know that islam has tasted rule and one who tastes it wants it at any cast,and these poor humanist and winging liberals will be the loosers. their ways and rules have every one in mess , the biggest problum man faces is , alcaholism,the answer is in islam,gambling, again the answer is in islam,pornography,and degrading of your sisters and mothers,the answer is islam,rape ,every year over 20000 your sisters are raped in Amercia just alone,you aply the islamic law and the rate will be 0.01%,while on the other hand the law of these human wishy woshers allow the rapest to get a few years in jail where he fed and made even stronger so when he gets out he goesand rapes the other sister. shame on you ,keep listening to these devils and you will loose your daughters wholesale. so come on people look at islam your self and avoid these wingers and scare mongers.

  2. Is akhter a joke? If not, he’s dumb as a box of rocks. Seems like the rant of a person not adept using the English language and similarly unfamiliar with reason and logic.

  3. Nice punctuation.

  4. you aply the islamic law and the rate will be 0.01%,while on the other hand the law of these human wishy woshers allow the rapest to get a few years in jail where he fed and made even stronger so when he gets out he goesand rapes the other sister.

    Ya’ll hear that, the female readers of Bookworm Room? If you follow Shariah and Islamic Law, it will decrease the rate of rape.

    Or… you can learn the ancient methods of violence practiced by our Greek/Roman ancestors and represented by America’s Target Focus Training.

    As always, the answer to the problem of having enemies is present in American Total War and the use of violence. Islam is not more powerful than the Hellenic and Roman ancestral inheritance.

    But I suppose this argument, as always, will be solved on the battlefield. Winner takes all.

  5. Translated from Arabic, ahkter means Greg.

  6. Great insights. There is a good sermon on Islam and Christianity HERE and I found it quite insightful. I invite you to listen, it is not too long.

  7. Best way to eliminate rape is to give it a different name and legalize it. For that matter, you can do the same with pedophilia, bestiality, incest and murder. Seems to have worked in large parts of Dar-es-Salaam.

  8. Great link, Abu.

  9. Book, did you ever actually read the writings of one of the founding Mormons about having so many wives?

    You might find it very funny. I don’t have the link handy because I forgot the name of Mormonism’s founders. Yeah, lost the key to google.

  10. […] doctrine and moral freedom Posted on December 20, 2007 by Bookworm I did a post yesterday in which I quoted from an interview with Michael Cappi regarding the fact that Islam, unlike […]

  11. The Qu’ran is no worse or more provincial than the Talmud. This clown Cappi is dangerous. Don’t buy what he says for one minute!

  12. can you imagine now even the hindus, the worshipers of monkies, donkies,rats and cows are with theses non believers advising the muslims. they being the oldest faith in the world should by now also be the no1 in the world, instead they are limited to the one little corner of the world, and are declineng so fast if they continue at this rate they will soon be the religion of the museams. they will always stand out for two things , 1= learn the all the different positions for sex .2 = the caste system in which they downgrade their fellow human being to worse than what they secrete out. if a lower caste happens to pass through a higher caste street that person is beaton until cripple,and then the whole street is washed out.
    they are not the only one , we now have the Christians , jews these dumm heads are too busy changing and chopping their books and now have reached a staged where they get their laws from the new dust raisers the so called HUMANISTS,with there help the church now allows gay-lesbian marriages ,as well as women priests. the humanists have these in their bags, and well under the thumb. so the reason we have this and many other simaler websites who are spewing their filth to downgrade Islam is obvious. Islam is the only faith which still in its original form . with it comes the mighty Quran which has answers to all the mess you are in , still in its original form.
    with the death of communism and the others so called believers in their bag, Islam and its followers stand in their greedy ways.they know Islam has tasted power and one who tastes it always wants it back.Islam has the remades for the curses these humanists have inflected through out the world. number one curse has to be ALCOHOLISM since Jesus[pbuh] turned water into wine , it has flown like a river in the west and other parts of the world where they have fact it is the only disease which is sold in bottle openly. the biggest problem in the world , the mighty USA tried to ban it once,but failed miserably, but look one order from almighty ALLAH and the streets of Arabia were flooded .we the Muslims can proudly say that we are the biggest society of tea totalers in the world.
    Secondly INTEREST/ USEREY nearly all the people of the world are the slaves to this , inhumane capitalists injustice ,the banks are making profits in the trillions, while half the worlds people are not sure if they will get their next meal. the three richest people have more wealth than the gdp of 60 countries of the world. all this done under the shroud of democracy and free marketing.ISLAM forbids interest and has equality and demands the sharing of wealth,thus gives you the system of social security in the shape of umars law
    . Thirdly = GAMBLING instead of building churches they are now replacing them with gambling halls, while the local pubs have now been turned into the mini casinos ,they are now offering people money free just to take part ,and once you take part you might as well say good parting to what you have.this evil practice is prohibited and so totally unlawful in Islam.
    HIDEOUS AND ORGANIZED PORNOGRAPHY is the biggest curse of all,no home on the planet is safe from this is served on plate whether you want it or not through cable, setalite,t.v,newspapers, magazines and of course the net.they are using yours and our daughters in the name of freedom and choice to make and distribute this filth,which in turn is responsible for the rapes and murders of 1000s of women,in USA alone over 20000 women are raped every year. do these humanist care? no , but Islam dose and has the cure you either stop or ELSE.
    these and many other are the reasons why this organization and many like them are hell bent to wipe off Islam their only threat. i urge the people of the books to wake up and check the last testament of Allah the Glorious Quran,read it it is the most positive book on earth,you owe it to yourself and to your children.
    lastly they say Mohammad[pbuh] wrote the book. can any one imagine an illiterate and a shepherd boy 1400 years ago wrote this book .you the ultra modern,well educated wishy woshy liberals why don’t you write your own rival book. to make it easy for all of you there has been a challenge in quran to prove it wrong just produce a sura[ chapter] similar to one in the Quran. so go for it . DO YOU KNOW ALI SANA, RUSHING TO DIE[ RUSHDIE] IBN WARQ, ALI HERSI AND CO ? YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO . SORRY FOR GRAMMAR / SPELLING MISTAKES

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