Illegal immigrants

No comment (’cause you can guess what I’m thinking):

The Mexican government reported the results of recent studies on Tuesday showing that 68 percent of Mexicans who migrate or try to migrate to the United States do so without documents and 55 percent of them hire immigrant smugglers.

The report, timed to coincide with the U.N. International Migrants Day, also noted that the Mexican-born population living in the United States increased from about 800,000 in 1970 to more than 11 million in 2006.

The majority of Mexicans now living in the United States — 6.2 million — are undocumented, according to the report, which was based on surveys of migrants and information from the government’s National Population Council.

Almost 30 million people in the United are direct descendants of Mexico migrants, the report stated.

In contrast, the report said the immigrant population in Mexico is quite small and has not experienced rapid growth.

The number of foreign residents in Mexico grew from 340,000 people en 1990, or about 0.42 percent of the population at the time, to about 493,000 in 2000, or about 0.5 percent, the last year for which data is available.

More than two-thirds of the foreign residents are from the United States, and many of those are of Mexican extraction.

All I ask is that, having read the above, you now read this.


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  1. uh Huh. And you wonder why your firm shoos you away from the interesting work?

  2. Those of us in California have become accustomed to vast numbers of non-english speaking illegal immigrants. When we have visitors from a non-border state they are always amazed at the magnitude of the problem. They may have a few illegal immigrants- certainly not half their city.

    As it happens, my work brings me in contact daily with illegal immigrants. People do not hesitate to reveal their immigration status. They are not fearful anymore. People are comfortable sharing stories of hiring coyotes to smuggle in children left behind in Mexico and El Salvador.

    Most, but not all, the immigrants work. They work long hours as house-cleaners, gardners, in construction, house-painting, child-care. They are paid in cash. In my experience, far fewer than half the adults speak english, even after being here ten plus years. The children receive woefully inadequate levels of supervision because the parents are working or simply have lost control of their kids to the lure of gangs and substance use. The drop-out rate of the children of illegal immigrants is staggering. Any statistics about the sorry state of education in the US needs to take into account the impact of illegal immgration on public schools.Numerous schools in California, and I would imagine in Texas, Arizona, and other border states, are comprised of 80% or more children of illegal uimmigrants or illegal immigrants themselves. Too many have no interest in school. Their uneducated parents are too ashamed or too confused to get involved. Kids may be bright, but so often are aimless and floundering.

    People can be lovely and kind. That doesn’t mean we must embrace them being here. Families receive emergency Medical, free clothes, free glasses, free medical services, etc. etc from colleagues of mine. Their job is specifically to provide services to the uninsured, and they do. We are a generous nation.

    I do feel frustration because I continue to see people flooding into my community- no end in sight, and I can’t hire a gardner who is here legally, or if I do, his crew isn’t. People buy social security numbers to work- the result is identity theft. The gang culture is terrifying.

    While I see some children of illegal immigrants getting an education and joining the American middle class, I see too many falling off the wayside. What I see is so many having hurt feelings, being offended by Americans resentment of the hemmhorage of illegals. They preseme racism first, but that’s not the issue at all. We would be just as frustrated with 11 million non-english speaking Poles, Ukrainians, or Romanians if they were right on our border, came en masse, and didn’t learn english or embrace an American identity.

    If someone enters without permission, they take a risk. They could be nice, humble, whatever, but they took a risk and they, and their offspring have to live with the consequences of that risk.

    I know this is a diatribe, but as it is, I edited out numerous thoughts. It is a source of frustration, and I’d like to be able to engage in an honest discussion about it.

  3. Illegal immigrants and blacks in ghettoes can be helped just as the Sunnis of Iraq were helped. But that means you have to get rid of the Left.

  4. Compared to the problem of Leftism in America, the illegal immigrants and inner city crime done by blacks are neglible. The latter don’t matter given the former. Solve the former, through using COIN on the latter, and the latter solves itself.

    The focus isn’t that people come into this country illegally. The problem is that they serve as a foundation and safe base for criminals, terrorists, and Leftists. All three share that sadistic desire to manipulate and exploit the downtrodden and weak.

    So you have to empower folks. Empower them and they will be loyal to your side. Don’t empower them and the Left will use them to in order to institute a 1,000 utopia. Might as well call it a Reich if you wish, cause it ain’t ending through anything but fire and steel.

    Social re-engineering threats such as this, isn’t really a problem unless you have rich people like AL Gore pulling the strings. A nation has NEVER been destroyed by peasant revolt. What it has been destroyed by is the support of the intelligentsia and those with power already.

    You could organize as many mobs on the street as you wish, but you need real power and real wealth to bring down a civilization. We’re not even getting into the fact that you need real money to buy real weapons and trainers.

    I’m trying to find that article posted by suek about Hillary Clinton and Saul Alinsky in their recommendation that it is not enough to get the support of the poor, you need the support of the “middle class”.

    Best I could do

    You can google Alinsky and Hill for more.

  5. The Left is proto-typically correct that illegal immigration won’t destroy America. Just as illegal immigration won’t destroy Europe. What will destroy America and Europe, as always, will be Europeans and Americans.

  6. Suek, it was the American thinker article, I recall, about Hillary’s Middle Class claims.

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