Fashion statement or fashion victim

When I still lived in San Francisco, I lived near a bus stop that had the most dilatory buses you’ve ever seen.  Although they were theoretically supposed to come to that stop every 20 minutes or so, people could find themselves waiting for a bus for 45 or 50 minutes.  If you were coming out of the subway station and saw this bus heading to the stop, you took off and ran, no matter what.

One day, I had the pleasure of seeing one of those incredibly ghetto cool guys — over-sized parka, backwards cap, low slung pants, and unlaced shoes — emerge from the subway as the bus neared.  Cool went out the window and panic took over as he contemplated a long wait for the next bus.  The lazy, “I own the sidewalk” walk vanished and he just he took off and ran.  What was so funny was that, when he picked up speed, his pants fell down, dropping around his knees as he charged down the street.  The kid kept his head, though, and hauled them back up without slowing his pace — and he caught the bus.

This memory came back to me when I saw this video (h/t Michelle Malkin):


4 Responses

  1. LOL!

    I wonder if the two little girls are daughters of the rapper guy.

    Very cute.

  2. It is about time!!! I just marvel at what makes guys think that the crotch of their pants all the way down to their knees looks cool.

    And yes – those two little girls are really fun to watch.

  3. That’s because these folks are so tough they don’t need good footwork to fight and win. They can fight with their pants around their knees, dontcha know.

  4. The crotch of the pants hanging down originated in prison years ago, it meant that the inmate was available for sex with another dude, wonder how many today know that.

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