Belated acknowledgment of Weasel Watching Winners

I hadn’t forgotten that the Weasel votes had come and gone and that great posts had won. I’ve just been so crazy busy with work, I haven’t taken the time to acknowledge those winners. I’m still crazy busy with the project that will not go away, so I won’t discuss them, just list them, as well as those that didn’t quite win, along with my congratulations to all for a job well done:

Votes Council link
3 Pearl Harbor… And 9/11
2 A Deeply Flawed NIE Changes Nothing & Everything
Wolf Howling
1 2/3 What the NIE on Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Development Doesn’t Say
The Glittering Eye
1 1/3 Release of Iran NIE a Remarkable Testament to American Exceptionalism
Right Wing Nut House
1 1/3 Explaining American Jews’ Love for Israel and America
Bookworm Room
1 Hoodwinkers and Their Codependents: In Search of Intelligent Intelligence on Iran
Big Lizards
2/3 U.S. “Stingy” on Foreign Aid
The Colossus of Rhodey
1/3 Another Sign: Islam Is a Human Rights Violation
Rhymes With Right
Votes Non-council link
3 Men of Valor: Part IV
Michael Yon
2 What Happens After the Surge
Pajamas Media
1 1/3 What Iran’s “Victory” Means
1 Iran NIE and a Prediction
Middle East Strategy at Harvard
1 In Politics Values Matter, Not Theology
1 William Katz: New National Intelligence Estimate
Power Line
2/3 Exclusive IPT Investigation Uncovers HLF Jury Room Bullying
The Investigative Project on Terrorism
2/3 2007: Now, With Fewer Menorah Vandalizations, But More Anti-Semitism
1/3 Ineffective and Pointless — But Very Costly
Klein Verzet

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