Not a good sign

It seems to be me a bit desperate that the Clinton campaign is using her Mommy to promote her worthiness for presidential office. Unless you’re a truly dreadful person — and, sometimes, even if you are a monstrous person — your Mom is the person who will always step up to bat for you. The whole concept makes it look as if Hillary can’t find anyone else to speak up on her behalf.

UPDATE:  This little squiblet got picked up at Patrick Ruffini’s 2008 Presidential Wire.  If you think it deserves more prominence there, click here.


6 Responses

  1. That really is creepy! Since all ads these days are based on Market Research, I have to wonder who she is targeting?

    What demographic is Hill weak in? I am only guessing (I do have a background in market research) but I say Florida. I am guessing that Hill sees Florida as her “firewall” — much the same as my horse — aka “South New York”.

  2. Hello Bookworm,

    There was a Peggy Noonan article a few weeks back that put it succinctly. Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to prove to the voters that she’s tough, but she does need to prove that she’s a woman. Women could potentially be her largest voting block, and the biggest thing working for Hillary is simply that she’s a woman.

    When i saw this campaign ad, I thought to myself, perhaps she needs to go beyond Noonan’s analysis and prove that she’s, in fact, human after all.

    I know I’m not alone in saying that her laugh, chortle or whatever it is seems so fabricated it could have been cranked out by a metal press. The word “cold” comes to mind— among other things. To show that the does have lineage and genealogy is altogether a shocking revelation.

    She has only a short time frame in which to prove that there’s a pulse underneath that smart, crisp business suit she favors so much. On this subject, time is definitely not on her side.

  3. Here is an insiders secret : the laugh is an rhetorical device to buy time when you need to think.

    Rudy (my guy) did the same when Russert surprised him. But then came back strong.

  4. Thomas has a point. It never occurred to me that she might have a mother.

  5. Personally, I believe that many (most?) people recognize full well tat Hillary would turn on dime in a nanosecond and bulldoze her mother down if she thought that it would help her win the election.

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