Would the Muslims really make nice with us if Israel were gone?

In my post about Jews’ love for Israel and America, I noted Michael Medved’s thought experiment, which was to imagine whether world attitudes towards America would change if Israel magically vanished, as well as his conclusion that nothing would change. Nevertheless, in the comments to that post — and perhaps inevitably given how widespread the canard is that Israel taints America — came the charge that it’s all Israel’s fault that the Muslim nations have aligned against us. It is for that reason that I now post about a bombing that normally would not provide subject matter for this blog (heinous though the bombing was):

Two car bombs ripped through the Algerian capital Tuesday, reportedly killing at least 62 people in what appeared to be targeted attacks on government and United Nations buildings.

One explosion occurred outside the constitutional court in the Algiers neighborhood of Ben Aknoun while the other took place in the residential area of Hydra tearing the front off the U.N.’s headquarters in the city.

A reporter from CNN affiliate BFM quoted hospital sources as saying 62 people were killed in both blasts.


So far no group has admitted responsibility for Tuesday’s blasts.


Algeria, which has a population of three million, is still recovering from more than a decade of violence that began after the military government called a halt to elections which an Islamist party was poised to win.

Tens of thousands of people died in the unrest. Although the country has remained relatively peaceful, recent terrorist attacks have raised fears of a slide back to violence.

In April, the northern Africa wing of al Qaeda claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in downtown Algiers that killed 33 people.

A couple of points: First, although the police are not yet sure, it is reasonable to believe that this is an Al Qaeda blast, both because of Al Qaeda’s history in Algeria and because of the simultaneously explosions, a typical AQ hallmark. Second, neither Algeria nor the UN are friends of Israel or America.

In other words, the Muslim violence described above had nothing to do with America’s support for Israel. The same holds true for the Muslim violence in the Philippines, India, Spain, England, and Russia, all of which have distinguished themselves over the years by continued hostility to Israel and, often, to America. (Although India, faced with intractable Muslim violence and a booming capitalist economy, is hewing closer to both Israel and America.) Likewise, the Sudanese — both Christian and Muslim — being slaughtered left and right at the hands of their Islamist compatriots probably have only the haziest knowledge of either America’s or Israel’s very existence.

And for those who claim that Spain and England came into the line of Islamist fire only because they supported the Iraq war, which in turn is the result of a Zionist conspiracy, a couple of facts should put that argument to rest: First, it does not explain the Islamic violence in the other countries, which have nothing to do with or actively opposed the Iraq War. Second, Israel and most American Jews opposed the Iraq War, the former because it viewed Iran as the greater threat and didn’t want to get side tracked, and the latter because they hate Bush, and whatever he’s for, they’re against.

Indeed, when one looks thematically at Muslim violence, there is only one common thread: Islam itself. That is, one cannot wrap around each act of Muslim violence the blanket of economic oppression, or support for the Iraq War, or support for Israel, or support for America, or any other common denominator other than Islam itself. Islam is now, as it has always been, a religion devoted to territorial conquest and the acquisition of non-Muslims to serve as a tax base. Islam also is now, as it always has been, a religion defined by a deep and abiding intolerance for anything non-Islamic and, true to the teachings of Mohammad himself, this intolerance provides license for rapine and slaughter.

So please disabuse yourself of the notion that Muslims world-wide hate America because America staunchly supports the nation that so closely shares her values and that is so besieged by those who don’t. Instead, Muslims world-wide hate America because Muslims currently hate everyone.

UPDATE: Just today, out of Indonesia, comes a story, not of another bombing or attack, but of Muslim militants sent off to jail for slaughtering Christians in that land. The murder victims, including several school girls attacked and beheaded, had no known connection to Israel or America.


10 Responses

  1. Actually, Book, there is something much more fundamental missing here and that is the inability of many Westerners of the Left and other groups (including many Jews who should know better, unfortunately) to take the words of their enemies at face value, starting with the Koran itself.

    That’s what I don’ t get. These people are SAYING that they want to kill us for being infidels and DOING so… and so many of their victims refuse to believe that they mean what they say.

    Unfortunately, this is part of the human condition. Nobody believed Hitler meant what he said and wrote (Mein Kampf) when he rose to power and so many Jews refused to leave Germany because they could not believe that he meant what he said. So, they perished.

    I do think that much of this reflects the inability of people, especially non-religious people, to stare evil in the face and recognize it for what it is. It also makes me wonder if many people are simply hard-wired for submission and slavery.

    In past generations, Darwin’s principle and the wolves would have weeded them out. Today, they survive and thrive under the protection of the much-despised watch dogs that guard the flock..for now!

  2. If Israel did not exist, the Muslim world would have to invent her. Someone must be blamed for the problems that plague their world and unfortunately, not enough of them are willing to conduct much self-examination, much less study what qualities make other nations successful.

    Danny – I completely agree with your comment regarding the inability / unwillingness of people to believe what others say. I can’t begin to count the number of times I have heard someone say, “Oh, Ahmadinejad isn’t serious,” or “That group acts that way just because they feel threatened – if X went away, these people would be just like everyone else.”

    It’s been my experience that most of the people who do not appear to recognize danger or the fact that there are people who are more than willing to hurt them for no reason are upper-middle class liberals who are super-educated.

    What really confounds me is that these people didn’t grow up that much differently than the rest of us – so how is it that some wind up implicity understanding danger and threats and others just don’t?

  3. Some see the world as it is, not as they are told it is.

  4. Some of the deniers of reality remind me of those sick women who establish relationships with imprisoned serial rapist/murderrs. There is a narcissistic element of wanting to believe that only they can truly understand these perverts, only they can save them. We know how well that works.

  5. islam does not hate the west but the west is killing the muslim wherever they are

  6. This attack has nothing to do with America or Israel. This is the result of a Civil War that has been going on since 1992 in Algeria that was and is the result of the domestic poltiical problems in the country. It is in a different context than the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. The group that committed these acts began as an off-shoot of an off-shoot of the original Islamist fighting groups in Algeria that rejected the pacts that ended the civil war between the government and terrorists. They number probably less than 1,000, and they are the die hards seeking to overthrow the government and make an Islamic Republic. They allied themselves with al-Qaeda last year and have not made any major gains in recruitment or in poltiical/military gains since. These attacks were about Algeria and very little else.


  7. You are right about Algeria and its homegrown Jihadi die-hards, Nouri. However, there have been increasing reports that Al Qaeda is looking to Algeria as an alternative base of operations, now that they are getting pushed out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  8. If AQ attempts that, Danny, I suspect they will be slaughtered by the Algerians with very little regard for world opinion or editorial opinion of the New York Times.

  9. What an incredibly bigoted question. If a goy had said “would Jews really make nice with us if it weren’t for our own intolerance” and proceeded to debunk this argument by pointing to the long history of Jewish strife with the goyim – no matter who the “goyim” should happen to be – and concluded that the problem is intrinsic to Jewish beliefs and practices you would be crying “antisemite” hysterically.

    Besides, you don’t seem to recognize how ordinary Jews are manipulated by their Jewish leaders:

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