Immigration is destiny

Newest figures out of the UK:

One in five babies born in Britain last year was born to a woman from overseas, according to the first official analysis of the impact of migration on fertility.

Immigrant mothers are having far more children than their British counterparts – fuelling the biggest rise in population since the 1960s baby boom.

The highest birth rates were among Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi-born mothers, who gave birth to five per cent of all UK babies last year.

A further four per cent were born to mothers from EU countries outside Britain and Ireland, with a growing number from eastern Europe.

The Pakistani rate of 4.7 children per mother is almost three times higher than the British rate of 1.7.

I’d simply like to remind you to this book.


7 Responses

  1. Hello Bookworm,

    it’s odd to note that Britannia is folding not to armed invasion or a nuclear holocaust, not because of deadly viruses or nature disasters, but because they’re committing suicide. A culture that doesn’t replace itself, that does not believe in the rightness of its culture and beliefs will fall.

    This and the previous generation of Britons tossed overboard fifteen centuries of Christendom and Anglo-Saxon tradition. Tony Blair, the disaster that he was, was but an outward sign of a deteriorating culture. It has come to the point where one member of Parliament, Peter Hitchens, Christopher Hitchens brother across the pond, said that America feels more like Britain that Britain does. Indeed, if you check the numbers, we are receiving a massive wave of immigration from the British Isles as well.

    The open question in all this is quite obvious: Are we next?

    Mr. George Soros declared that he’ll break the British Pound and break England to force them to join the EU. Then he did it. He intimated here recently that he intends to break the American Dollar. And he’s proceeding on to do just that. He declared quite nonchalantly on C-Span for all to see that he spends roughly 500 million dollars a year to influence American politics.

    With all the illegal immigrants here in the US, and the US Dollar weakening worldwide, are we next? Are we going to be forced on our knees to join the Global world?

    Looking at our present Presidential loons… er, candidates, one is tempted to ask, “Is this it? Is this lot is the best America can muster for the most powerful office in the world?”

    The sad sorry fact is, they just might be.

  2. The future belongs to those who show up.

  3. The near- and long-term concern for Britain is whether the immigrant moms are Muslim or not.

    The muslims breed like rabbits when they immigrate to an infidel country. It’s a passive-aggressive type of invasion of their new homeland, that occurs totally under the radar. A very sophisticated guerrilla warfare.

    Suddenly the infidel country has a whole lot of new cannon-fodder jihadis who have no intention of assimilating, but only of conquering.

  4. The Canadian Human Rights Commision (yes yes I know more blahautcraucy than you can shake a stick at . . not that there is anything wrong with that) and the British Columbia Human Rights Commission(the home of Allstar Serial Killer Robert Pickton. . . not funny . . by the way he got 25 years before he is eligible for parole) have agreed to hear a case against Mark Steyn because of his book America Stands Alone(he wrote last year in Macleans magazine(Canada’s New York Times that y”all luv) and excerpt peace(sic) of his book called the Future Belongs to Islam).The Canadian Islamic Congress wants to charge Steyn with inciting hatred an Islamophobia..Of course the commissions are quasi-judicial kangaroo courts whose decisions can be challenged in REAL COURTS. Stay tuned. Oh yes the province of Ontario’s commission are undecided if they will hear the case. What do you expect from Canadians,afterall ,it was they who came up with the United Nations Emergency Forces during the 1956 Suez Crisis. OH Canada Who Do You Stand On Guard For ?

  5. Oh silly me I forgot the Magazine is being charged as well.

  6. I suppose that England will relive history as when the Normans conquered and forced the local Anglo-Saxons into servitude. Eventually, of course, through inter-marriage and cultural exchange, the Normans absorbed into the Anglo-Saxon culture and they all became one people again…but it took hundreds of years of misery to get there.

    The question I have and to which I will never get an answer (I don’t expect to be around) is…whether the current Anglo-Saxons inhabitants of the British Isles will eventually absorb into Islam (as many will), or will they go the way of the Greeks and resist Islamicization by the Turks until they finally shake of their freedom after hundreds of years of oppression. Any bets on which outcome prevails?

    Now, with the Irish…my bets are on the Irish!

  7. What I find interesting is that one of the strongest backbones in Britain is the Afrobritsh (I made up that term) bishop. Just goes to show that not all immigrant groups are equal.

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