Change in blog comment policy

I think it’s time for me to republish my blog comment policy:

I’ve been fairly tolerant of comments at my blog, drawing the line only at obscene comments, threatening comments, or comments that are overtly racist or antisemitic, using insulting language, threats or death wishes. However, I’ve had multiple complaints from readers about comments that denigrate me without offering anything of substantive value. I’ve also had a sudden increase in the number of comments in which people used my blog to post huge articles stating positions completely antithetical to my own views and beliefs. These tactics stifle rational debate, abuse the privilege of being here, and make the blog a less civil place.

From here on out, I’m going to spam any comments that are merely insulting without being substantive or that use my blog as a means to repost other people’s articles. As to the latter point, I won’t delete comments in which people (politely) spell out their own theories or arguments, even at length. Also, I don’t mind if the comments include links provided, of course, that the links don’t turn out to be approving, fawning links directing readers to the American Nazi Society or something else equally awful.


15 Responses

  1. That roaring sound that you hear in the background is my applause.

  2. I’ve been wondering my you were so patient so long.

  3. Yay!

  4. Power to the People!

    October Revolution.

  5. Makes sense. It’s your blog, after all.

  6. Good move. When I asked for definitions and sources, your-know-who never provided same, even after I pointed out that his replies did neither.

  7. Gringo, are you referring to He Whose Ego Feeds with Draculean Zeal on Every Response to His Inane Posts?

  8. The same, I believe. What being “nameless” means depends on the culture. My understanding of Yaweh/Jehovah is that it means more or less, “he who has no name”- awe.

    On the other hand, down in South America, “No tiene nombre,” ( he has no name) is the equivalent of calling someone a bastard. Not kind words down there, even stronger for not being obscene.

  9. Yes, and I like the phrase Venezuelans use to the U.S. celebrities who go there to kiss up to Hugo: Pendejos Sin Fronteras.

  10. With fame comes flies, BW. Looks like your thoughts are getting under someone’s skin. Way to go!

  11. Or put another way, and here I paraphrase the novelist Paul Bowles, when you become a public monument, the pigeons crap all over you.

  12. At Last….

    Bye, “G who must not be named”….you’ll not be missed!

  13. […] comments, of course, are subject to my usual blog rules.  I’m always delighted with civil, rational input but, at the first opportunity, will […]

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