That critical gap

I wrote generally about the gap between critics and the rest of us.  Patrick has taken one critic, deconstructed his criticism, and explained precisely why that gap looms so large.


3 Responses

  1. I was considering this post and the previous post on SGT. Jeffers. It struck me that if Hollywood wants to make an Iraq movie that sells, they only need to follow the story of a leader.

    Tell the story of SGT. Jeffers, and his squad members on patrol in Ramadi. Finish the movie with his service held in Iraq after his body has been shipped home, and end with a scene of his squad going back out on patrol without him. Fini.

    Let the audience figure out what it all means. This was the central theme in Saving Private Ryan, which I thought was a good movie. Was it worth it?

  2. I was talking with some of my peers, here was what I heard.

    In summary, the belief is that all the Republicans like Reagan, Bush, W Bush, and so forth were making up foreign wars to take away attention from domestic problems.

    To deal with the specifics, the folks I talked to had those that were tough on youth crime and pro-gun to those that were focused more on jobs as a solution to crime and anti-gun. Both such factions believed Bush junior was looting the economy.

    Some of this may be attributed to media distortion and propaganda, but some of it can also be attributed to the lack of authority as exercised by Bush. Clinton was seen to have negotiated with oil companies to lower their prices. The price of gas can be seen by people, so it is one of those critical leading indications more powerful than any public statement.

    The critical junction, if you ask me, is that all politics are local. What affects people’s pocketbooks is important, but also you have to factor in how people perceive their economic situation. Propaganda can only take things so far before reality has to impact, yet propaganda can also change people’s reality by motivating their choices and decisions.

  3. Btw, the discussion I was talking about also centered around 300 in that they liked it.

    Much of the resistance you see against Bush is psychologically similar to the resistance of the Sunnis against the Coalition in Iraq. Chaos erupted, power vacuum resulted, and the tribes stepped in by trying to kick out the American interlopers.

    Petraeus has proved that even the Sunnis are amenable to an alliance of mutual interests. So why do you think Bush can’t do the same against that 49% that voted for Kerry?

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