More comparisons between Huckabee and Carter

As you may recall, I compared Huckabee to Jimmy Carter, foreseeing with the former some of the same problems we saw with the latter (and that despite the fact that Huckabee seems like a much more ebullient and nicer person than Carter). I’m not the only one making those comparisons. After listening to Huckabee opining about foreign policy and comparing himself to Reagan, Power Line had this to say:

When it comes to foreign policy, Huckabee more closely resembles another former governor, Jimmy Carter. It was Carter, not Reagan, who viewed foreign policy as an extension of his own character and personal principles. Carter stood for a foreign policy “as decent as the American people.” Reagan stood for defeating our enemies. When Huckabee frets about how Gitmo is making us appear to foreigners, when he asserts that “we broke Iraq,” and when he says he’s qualified to be commander-in-chief because of his character rather than because of his understanding of our enemies, it’s pretty clear that his foreign policy roots extend nowhere near the fertile soil of Reaganism.

Huckabee may be a good and witty human being (and an excellent candidate because of that wit), but he’s not the President this country needs at this time in its history.

UPDATE: See also Laer’s post looking at the naiveté of Huckabee’s foreign policy positions.


6 Responses

  1. The lack of foreign policy experience is irrelevant. He won’t get close enough for it to matter, because he’s raised too manyy taxes too many times as governor of Arkansas. It’s possible that the evangelical wing would let Hillary get elected before they’d vote for Giuliani (what morons, I mean, come on…!) – but the entire rest of the Republican Party isn’t going for a standard-issue tax-and-spender.

  2. Everybody gets to cheer their guy or gal on throughout the Primaries. We may all need to do some soul-searching once the candidates are selected.

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  4. Do we really need to go back to Hope – again?!

  5. Hey, I’m a Yank through and through. I say hope is a good place to abide. It’s the South you need to avoid!

    EVERYBODY: Make sure you are eligible to vote in your state’s Primary.

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