Read it and gag

Do you enjoy reading material that is crude, witless, obscene, ill-educated, pointless and mean-spirited?  Then have I got something for you.  Showing a degree of fortitude remarkable in anyone, John Hawkins plowed through posts that the Daily Kos writers (as opposed to mere commenters) published at that site, and came up with his 2nd Annual Worst Quotes From The Daily Kos (2007 edition).  My first thought on reading this stuff was that it makes the MSM looks good.  My second thought was a two-parter:  Sometimes the MSM represents just the more high flown version of the same thoughts and sometimes it’s the deodorized fertilizer for this kind of stuff.  Neither is a nice thought.


6 Responses

  1. Yup! Time to spike their drinking water with thorazine.

  2. Aaaaargh!!! I got through the first two or three and realized these people are stupid on a metaphysical level and reading their verbal dysentery actually damages brain cells.

  3. Can I question their patriotism now?

  4. This is the alternate universe, where Iran is a peace loving country, where socialism really works, really, and where man’s actions are making the Earth warmer, before his actions make it cooler again.

  5. Leftist propaganda and belief structures are predicated upon a hierarchical pyramid structure. For example, at the top we have the spiritual leaders such as CAIR’s top leadership and funnders in addition to people like Noam Chomsky and Michale Moore. These people know the truth, and they use their knowledge and expertise to manipulate other people with slices of the truth. Or in the case of Moore, slices of his own shat.

    At the middle level, you have people like Kos. Those who glorify in their aggression and the support of those that are destroying the environment, Al Gore, while at the same time believing that they are the one true path to victory and progress. They can at times see the damage they are causing, but they prefer to sublimate it under an ideological purity and order that tolerates no dissent. Joe Liberman is an example of a target of such intolerance.

    At the bottom level, which constitutes the greatest majority of membership in the Left, is the useful tools or otherwise known as ignorant people that believe they are supporting the good but don’t know any better because they are ignorant. This bottom foundation constitutes the broadest and most diverse bunch of belief structures, rationales, and motivations.

    Like in any slave hierarchy, the middle management keeps control of the bottom, while the top management keeps control of the middle management. Overseers control slaves and plantation owners control the overseers.

    The point, in the end, is one of counter-insurgency or COIN. Only the bottom segment of any ideological structure can be affected. The middle management is too invested in the corporation to defect without some large bribes and blackmail material. The upper management is the one owning most of the corporation so they will almost never defect or provide informants.

    So why should you listen to the words of the middle and upper level? Those are too far gone to produce anything that is close to “sanity” as seen by conservatives. Besides, the largest population that can be swayed away from Leftism is at the bottom, as has always been true for aristocratic-serf hierarchies.

  6. Btw if anyone wants to feel fresh again after reading Kos, check out this primer on violence Link

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