And now for something completely silly

We’ve introduced the kids to Monty Python.  They laughed so hard over this one, we had to replay it to hear all the dialog:


5 Responses

  1. Do your kids a favor – buy them the DVDs of John Cleese’s “Faulty Towers” for Hannukah. My kids watched those over and over again. We still do. Uproarious!

  2. That reminds me when as a kid I knew about a dozen words of English but my two older brothers who were already as comfortable in English as in French, would watch Monty Python and would be “rolling on the floor laughing” …and I felt a bit frustrated that I could not get one damn joke…

    Now 40 years later…my favorite Monty python – available on you tube – is the one called ” she’s a witch”

    I like it because it is hilarious but also because it is – in my opinion although it was obviously not meant to be one – a good caricature of the left, their ” main stream media ” and the “mind contortions” they use to bash or incriminate the right in their obsessive witch hunt against the right

  3. I fell over laughing at the Killer Bunny episode as well as the “Black Knight” duel.

    Killer bunnies… need to enlist that critter in the K-9 units. Terrorists won’t know what hit them.

  4. With all credit… and NO thanks… to you, I spent entirely too much time on youtube yesterday watching Monty Python clips.

    OK, maybe I ought to thank you for the laughter THEN cuss you for the time I wasted!

  5. How DARE you make fun of the Spanish Inquisition and the Holy Father!

    Off with your heads, after the flogging of course.

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