Media up to its tricks?

During the last Democratic debate, it looked as if CNN had planted Democratic activists in the audience — people who it identified as undecided voters as if they were political tabula rasas – — to throw softball questions at the candidates.  It now looks as if someone at CNN planted a Democratic activist to throw hardball questions at the Republican candidates.

This time, the plant showed up in the form of a Clinton activist who lobbed a nasty, loaded question at the candidates regarding gays in the military — an especially funny thing considering that it was the Clinton presidency that created the “neither fish nor fowl” policy that currently dominates the American military when it comes to gay service people.

If anyone wonders why the American people regularly rank the media below lawyers and used car salesmen when it comes to career respect, they should look no further than these types of shenanigans.


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  1. I don’t think the Clinton operative was a CNN plant, just sloppy work by Cooper’s producers. (It was actually a Clinton plant.)

    One of the “undecided Republicans” in the focus group is favoring Edwards! Obviously the screening for the focus group was a little sloppy too.

  2. […] so, Cap’n, but CNN’s overt agenda-driving does cast a pall over all media. Bookworm writes: If anyone wonders why the American people regularly rank the media below lawyers and used car […]

  3. If that was “sloppy” work by CNN then it was SO “sloppy” CNN should be removed from everyone’s dial. General Kerr was a damn GUEST on CNN fewer than ten years ago – they didn’t know who he was? Forgive me if I require a couple of tons of salt to choke that one down.

    Though you know, come to think of it I take that back: they are so damn dumb they could well not have known who he was.

    But of course it was the wrong forum: if “don’t ask don’t tell” bothers Keith Kerr so much he just has to spput off about it, then he should be spouting at Mrs. Clinton: it ewas her husband’s (and, by implication, given her years and years of “experience” – her own) policy – not the policy of any Republican.

  4. I thought the whole thing was hysterical. When I heard some of the questions i immediately said to myself plant. Oh yeah, that one over there is a plant. Darn it another weed over there.

    It was so amateurish it was funny. The best part of it was that the people who came up with it thought they would get away with it. The good thing about it is that it might actually force some of these news organizations to be honest brokers of information, not shills for agendas.

  5. Allen’s right. The entire thing was a joke. But I don’t think this is anything new. As Rush said, the questions as a whole represented a viewpoint that is almost a parody of the lefts view of conservatives.

    The difference now is that they get caught (today’s technology makes it a lot easier to look some of these people up) AND the other difference is word gets out when they get caught (again, today’s tech. (internet) together with talk radio).

    Will being caught out like this force change? I don’t know. Various MSM outlets have been caught perpetrating outrages such as this for a few years now. I don’t see a big change so far. I hear lots of denial, but the newsrooms are so insular (groupthink) that they don’t even realize how obviously biased they are.

    When they get embarrassed like this, they may institute a few changes intended to catch stuff like this, but I think that they’ll just repeatedly fall into the same traps as long as they don’t bring in some alternative voices who can see the obvious (to us) and question what they are doing from within..

  6. Well the Republicans are just getting walked over because the media, just like the Ayrabs, actually will use Machiavelli tactics on you. Just cause the Republicans refuse to, doesn’t mean they won’t get hammered by others.

  7. Getting them to change is not the strategy to victory here. Getting Republican politicians and talking heads to blacklist CNN is the strategy to victory.

    It is not as if we need CNN to get the message out when the message is theirs.

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