If you’re a friend of Israel….

If you’re a friend of Israel, go here, read and, if you’re like me, you’ll then want to take the recommended action, action that I already suggested here.

I won’t badmouth Condi Rice here, but I’d like to.


18 Responses

  1. What about the friends of the United States – where should they go?

  2. Same place, Patriot. As many are discovering, Israel’s long war against Islamic jihad is now becoming the war the rest of the world is fighting against the same enemy. India has figured that out. It’s gone from the Gandhi-esque model of being rabidly anti-Israel to recognizing that Israel is its best resource in learning how to fight the Islamists arrayed against it. Those who think that, if they throw Israel to the crocodile, the crocodile will leave them alone, are only fools who have learned nothing from history: the crocodile will eat you too.

  3. “Throw Israel to the crocodile”?

    With >400 nukes and billions of our money I don’t see any realistic threat to Israel.

  4. Yeah, patriot is right. The Jihadist obviously know Israel is too well armed and has too much money for them. Therefore, they will leave them alone. Starting Immediately. Well, NOW! No……NOW.

    Soon, anyway. They would never engage in a lost cause. Besides, as Patriot said, Israel has Nukes. It would simply be suicidal for the terrorists to ignore that. Whaddya think they are, crazy?

  5. It wouldn’t be realistic.

  6. Seriously, anyone who looks at this critically can see this is just rhetoric from pro-Israeli zealots who want American money, arms, and diplomatic support with no strings attached.

    The fact is the Palestinian bogeyman is not coming to get us. And neither are any Muslim states, most of which are controlled by puppets who are receptive to American dictates. 19 guys with boxcutters may have had it in for us, as well as Al Qaeda and few nutjobs spouting about a caliphate but there”s no realistic chance of that becoming a reality .

    Besides, this is no excuse to fork over generous support to Israel and to expect nothing more in return than the notion that Israel be given free reign to do as it pleases.

    Even though I care little for Condi, I’ll trust her to promote America’s interests a lot sooner than some apologist for Israel.

  7. Tap:The Jihadist obviously know Israel is too well armed and has too much money for them. Therefore, they will leave them alone. Starting Immediately. Well, NOW! No……NOW.

    Sorry tap, but when Israel is the one illegally seizing Palestinian land and building settlements in illegally occupied territory, I think it’s pretty clear that it’s Israel who is not leaving the Palestinians alone.

    You do know that Abbas & Fatah were originally secular socialists right? They only got in bed with the jihadists because that’s who was willing to fight to get back their land and establish a state.

  8. Patriot, the “illegal seizure” line about Israel has no resonance here. If you want more information than that kind of Leftist garbage, please follow the link in my right side bar to a document everyone should be required to read about Israel. Until you’ve got a handle on actual facts and not propaganda, you’re in a shadowy netherworld of meaningless falsehoods that cannot support rational arguments.

  9. You do know that Abbas & Fatah were originally secular socialists right?

    What did I tell people about Leftists allying with fascists and ensuring that fascists get their chance to achieve ultimate power?

  10. Condi Rice listens to all her DoS advisers, who were corrupt and misaligned to begin with. It didn’t do her any good in the end. Nor would Bush tell her to ignore these people, as he should.

  11. Remember when George Bush listened to Tenet? This is simply the same thing, except with Condi.

    Never ever listen to your advisers when those advisers are in the pay of your enemies.

  12. I just can’t help but feel that Annapolis is all one big Kabuki play. There’s something much bigger going on here than we perceive. I hope so, anyway.

  13. Or maybe to use a political Occam’s razor, it is simply bureacratic malfeasance, corruption, and idiocy.

  14. I have often wondered about the term “occupied territory.” Do the Palestinians mean the West Bank? Gaza? Or Israel itself. I think it’s the latter. Otherwise why such insistence over the right of return. The Palestinians have had many opportunities for a two state solution and never once tried to implement it.

    I think it’s really rather simple. The Palestinians and many others just cannot accept the idea of a non-Muslim state in the region. No sharia, no dice. I’ll state up front that I have no emotional attachment to Israel, and that our forign policy is too often pre-occupied with Israeli desires. But, Israel is a democracy, and as such deserves our support. That is one of our national interests, the formation and flourishing of democracy

  15. That’s a completely fair statement, Allen.

    I’m also worried that the usual pattern will emerge, of giving the Palestinians a reward before they change their behavior. With half of Jerusalem sitting on the table, how about this: if the Palestinians and surrounding Arabs/Muslims can go for 40 years without attacking Israel, they can get control over half of Jerusalem. I choose the number 40 deliberately because, in the Bible, that’s the number of years it takes for a tainted generation to die out and a new one to arise to take its place. Actually, I believe two things: (1) the Arabs/Muslims/Palestinians will never be able to go 40 years in peace, no matter how much they want Jerusalem; and (2) 40 years isn’t long enough to deplete the hatred inculcated in those cultures. But it’s a starting point for negotiation, as opposed to “we’ll give you half of Jerusalem, in return for your promise to be good.” After the chortling Palestinians/Muslims/Arabs says yes to this one, they’re going to line up to re-sell the Brooklyn Bridge to America and Israel, over and over again.

  16. I think the Israelis would be making a huge mistake to offer any concessions at this point. I have often noticed that everyone always looks for the comprehensive all concluding treaty. Syria for example. I see the Golan Heights as a totally separate issue. That is a security/sovereingty issue between Israel and Syria totally un-related to the Palestinians. It’s just one more excuse to keep the fires stoked, in my opinion.

    I just don’t see peace until people renounce the idea of the destruction of Israel. I like the 40 years approach, it’s so appropos.

    I am always mindful that though I don’t always like some of the things Israel does. I am not in their position so I maintain a high degree of self-skepticism.

    One final thought on the matter. I always gauge people on their deeds not their words. In Israelis I see a magnificent people who have tamed the desert and brought wealth and proseperity to all her people Arabs, and Jews alike. In the Palestinians I see the squalor that is Gaza, the bloodfeuds, and the total lack of basic services to the people.

  17. Pressfield kind of explained why you can’t negotiate with tribal nations. Although this is actually a cultural issue, not a tribal vs nationalistic one. For example, Japan didn’t treat Americans as equals. Until you are treated as an equal by the tribe, you are somebody they can roll over a barrel.

  18. I also think that Israel just needs to kill some of their Palestinian prisoners. It would increase their negotiating power all in all. People do want to be successful at negotiations… right?

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