How to carve the bird

In my family, the secret to carving a turkey neatly died with my father.  I’ve tried through various cookbooks to master the art, but I’m sorry to say that my turkey, always well cooked, nevertheless looks like the bloodless finale to a slasher movie by the time it reaches the plates.  This year, however, I’m a little more optimistic, having watched this very informative video about the trick for carving that bird.


3 Responses

  1. Thank you, Bookworm – what perfect timing. My bird will be done in 30 minutes and after it sets for another 30 I will be ready to carve w/ artistry! I always make it the day before so the main mess is over, for which I am truly thankful!

  2. I am the Grand Master of Turkey Carving. There’s no bird that can resist my patented disasembly technique. It’s so slick that I often reassemble the bird and raise it from the dead, just…well, just because I can! Instructional videos are available at a modest price. The first thousand customers will also receive a full set of Ginsu knives. Order yours today!

  3. This is the benefit of cooperate hunting, Book. You get the experience of 3 generations of butchers, without having to do anything except… well hopefully Mr.Bookworm was the one paying for the New York Times subscription. Even though now it is free.

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