Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow will be a day of family and food, so I don’t anticipate blogging.  This, therefore, is my Thanksgiving post, which will be a very simple one indeed:

I’m thankful for my family, my friends, my (and their) health, my home, my physical community, my virtual blog community, my country, my American military and my freedoms.  I am a very, very, very lucky person.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

The picture, one I selected randomly from the US archives, is a reminder of a time when the nation took Thanksgiving very seriously.  Nowadays, the only song my kids now is a humorous one told from the perspective of a worried Turkey.  Sigh….

Published New York: Pond, Wm. A., 1878.

18 Responses

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours.

    Me and Mine (heh!) and going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We brined our turkey and I can hardly wait for wifey to roast it up. Sage sausage and oyster dressing! Mmmmm! My 1 year old has discovered grown-up food and will stuff his little rosey-cheeked face.

    Thank you for your bog as well. You post the uncommon things–the cerebral things–with a well grounded and ‘uncommon sense’ oriented viewpoint.

  2. Hahahaha! Thank you for you bLog as well….!

    I was thinking ‘cranberry bog’ at the time!

    Wifey says she’s simmering up a batch of Colonial Style Hot Buttered Rum Batter in the crock pot to fight off the snow in New Mexico tomorrow. Ladle into a cup and add rum: just like the good ol’ days….

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Wheeee!

    Rutherford B. Hayes, eh? Wow! What’s next, a Christmas Greeting from Millard Fillmore?

  4. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    We’re also with family — the newest member is 14 months and a full-time biped, at last. Here’s the first day:

    28 hours on the road for these 5+ days, and worth every minute. We have SO much to be thankful for!

    God Bless America!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the entire Bookworm clan from the BHGs as well!



  6. Happy Thanksgiving Book and company.

  7. […] Happy Thanksgiving! […]

  8. Thank you, Bookworm, for your unexpected note today!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Bookworm!

  10. Thanks for the great Thanksgiving day message Book. I will always count you as one of my first blogging friends, have a great one!

  11. Howdy Bookworm,

    Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Bookworm! Thanks for the message :).

    I want to say I’ve really enjoyed our discussions this past year. Enjoy the turkey and all the many blessings God has given us.

  12. I used to enjoy singing “We Gather Together”.

    I haven’t heard of the National Thanksgiving Hymn.

    I found the text here:


    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I give special thanks every day for being born as a citizen in the greatest nation on the face of the planet!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Steve, esq.

  14. Hello, Bookie,

    I may be the last to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

    I had Chateau SJBill kitchen duty today, and stood watch over a turkey that would not cook.

    Our best to you and yours!


  15. Happy Thanksgiving. Err, black Friday.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Bookworm. Many thanks for your kind note. I am thankful for your blogging friendship as well, and for the great writing and discussion on this site!

  18. Thanks for your note and I hope you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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