Talk amongst yourselves

I don’t have the time right now to blog and, to be honest, don’t have anything to say.  This is an open thread where you all can say anything you like (subject, of course, to my rules about civility) until I get some ooomph back!


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  1. As fascism recedes over the next 14 months or so, what role (if any) can the watercarrying blogs, such as this one, play in our country’s future?

  2. I recommend using the Triangle of Death geometry between National Socialism, Democratic Socialism, and Communism to determine if fascism really is decreasing.

    Oh yea, Synova brought to my attention, awhile ago, of a new American made anime series called The Avatar.

    You can watch all of the episodes online here

    It might be a good show for children, if they don’t know of it already.

  3. After reading a little snippet about Reps. Obey and Murtha and the imbroglio over the funding bill for operations in Afghanistan and Iraq I thought I would inject a few facts that were woefully not stated in the news article. Clearly Reps. Obey and Murtha do not understand their own jobs and the law or don’t wish to state ithe facts, vis-avis the $471 billion comment

    An appropriation bill is a law to mis-spend the appropriations is a crime. Congress gave about $26 billion for operations and maintenance to the Army. By law the Army can only use that money for operations and maintenance for every soldier stationed around the world. There is no other money for that item. So if the Army shuts down operations around the world right now and used that money for Iraq and Afghanistan, they run out in about 2-3 months. That means no other Army operations would occur anywhere in the world until FY 2009.

    The have effectively defunded the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Oh and other operations in Korea, and anywhere else the US Army is deployed.

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