Choosing between Prophets and prosciutto

It’s a bizarre story, and a funny one, and a terrifyingly scary one if you read the last little threat thrown in at the end:

Here’s a little story from the Italian press that people may have missed. Apparently there are 7,000 Muslims in or around the city of Padova – Padua to English speakers – and they have a mosque, but want another one. The so-called Northern League are opposed to this. In general terms, the League are either seen as local nationalists, or a bunch of semi-fascists. A document described as 5H4HID.b9(rev1154) offers guidelines on building mosques – nobody can possibly say that the bureaucrats who devised, drafted and now implement such a procedure are not earning their salaries. Studying the issue for purposes of blocking it, some Leaguers teamed up with a nearby farmer to loose a pig over the ground marked out for the mosque, in the full knowledge that the animal and above all its droppings would make the area unclean for ever. So it proves – no mosque here. The act is unworthy of Padua, complains the mayor. A spokesman for the Muslims is quoted going further: “They must choose between the Prophet and prosciutto. Islam is very peaceful, but when we are insulted we will turn everyone into sausages.”  Bureaucrats, Leaguers, Muslims, readers – who exactly has the last laugh?

Hat tip:  RD

12 Responses

  1. oooOOOoooooh! Break out the swine! We have a weapon now! Wheeee!

  2. Given the choice of the Prophet or prosciutto, I’ll take prosciutto. It’s worth fighting for.

  3. Hellooooooo, London: a solution to the Mega-Mosque dilemma.

  4. The thing with religious believers is that they actually believe what they advocate.

    This has some interesting implications in warfare or a jihad.

  5. When proscuitto is outlawed, only outlaws will have prosciutto.

  6. Katy, Texas. Same situation. Mosque leaders were pushing hard on the pig farmer (they were suggesting he might want to “move into some other business” ) down the end of the road named for his family. His response: Pig races! HA!

  7. I’m not sure whether this was mentioned here before or not, but pigs tended to use up a lot of water back in the day. Water was such a precious resource that Mohammed might have thought that it would simply be better to outlaw pigs through religion.

    Now, however, water is just not as scarce. But customs remain for people that persist in believing that the world is still in the 2nd millenium.

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  9. Book says,
    “A spokesman for the Muslims is quoted going further: “They must choose between the Prophet and prosciutto. Islam is very peaceful, but when we are insulted we will turn everyone into sausages.””

    Gotta love those anonymous spokesmen,

    If this person, whom is momentarily anonymous, has any pull, then…


    I am personally insulted about twice every hour of every day. My religious advisor probably feels insulted TWICE every day. Should God feel insulted twice per day, then I think we should all accept holy retribution… twice per day!

    Since God appears to be… CALMER… than Mr. Sausage…. let’s allow God to sort out this required-retribution thing- shall we?

  10. Oops! Mr Sausage did NOT say: “When we are insulted, Allah will turn everyone into sausage.”

    He said, “When we are insulted, WE will turn everyone into sausage.”

    This is not a slip of God.
    You are forewarned.

  11. I always assumed pork was banned (way back then) due to people getting sick from trichinosis. Thankfully, due to modern advancement, this particular parasitic disease is not much of a threat. However its legacy lives on as back yard grillers consistently over cook this delectable meat.

    Homer: Lisa honey, are you saying you’re _never_ going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Ham?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Pork chops?
    Lisa: Dad! Those all come from the same animal!
    ***Homer: Yeah, right Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.


    Homer: So you think you know better than this family, eh? Well as long as you’re in my house you’ll do what I do and believe what I believe! So butter your bacon!
    Bart: Yes father.
    Homer: … Bacon up that sausage, boy!
    Bart: But dad, my heart hurts!

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