Weasel results

I’m very proud to boast of the fact that, this week, I was not a silly, absent minded flibberty-gibbet.  Instead, I remembered to read all (actually, almost all, as you’ll see below) of the wonderful articles at the Watcher of Weasels and to vote too. Perhaps for being responsible, I was rewarded with a higher placement in the rankings than even I thought I deserved. Those Weasel watchers are a remarkably generous crowd, and they apparently recognized that I had a good point to make, even if it wasn’t an example of my best writing.

Without further ado, here are the results for this week’s Watcher’s Council vote:

First place for a Council authored post went to Joshuapundit for the incisive ‘Land For Peace’, American Style, which envisioned Israeli/Palestinian style negotiations, but this time with the Mexican nationalists within America’s borders. It was very funny and it made a good point too.

Second place was a tie. Half of the second place vote went to Rhymes with Right for School District & Cops Agree — Ignore The Law.  That post presents and then analyzes the very PC position of school administrators and local police officers, all of whom agreed that it will be too traumatic in future for the school or the cops to notify the Border Patrol when they arrest juvenile illegal aliens on drug charges. Sigh. The other half of second place went to yours truly for Racist Talk About Education.  There, I applauded an educator for tackling head-on the fact that African Americans and Hispanics are coming to school with behaviors and values antithetical to learning, but chided him for confusing race, which should not be the issue, with culture, which should be.

On the non-Council side, the winner by a huge margin was Austin Bay Blog for A Conversation in Bagram, Afghanistan. I have to admit that I didn’t vote for this one, purely because of the style in which it was written: endless paragraphs, which my poor, abused eyes reject. I’m sure it’s excellent, but by the third paragraph, I simply wasn’t interested enough to plow through it for content. Clearly, I missed something but, even now, when I go back for a second look, those whomping long paragraphs defeat me.

Just as second place was a tie on the Council side, it was also a tie on the non-Council tie, with both second place winners being posts for which I voted. One of the second place winners was The Elder of Ziyon’s November 1947 and Annapolis Déjà Vu, which looks at the Palestine post of 59 years ago, and compares the pronouncements contained within its pages to the lead-up to Annapolis. Sadly, little has changed in the lead-up to the talks, and Elder worries that the outcome will be the same if the Palestinians feel deprived of their victory after the talks.

The other second went to American Thinker for Stereotyping 101, a piece I nominated, because I thought it was a nice companion piece to my own post about discussions of race and culture in America.  In other words, it’s an excellent post looking at the break down in reasonable discussion about race, ethnicity and culture in America.


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  1. I’ll go out on a limb on the Annapolis talks. A new cycle of violence will erupt in the Palestinian areas, and attempted attacks on Israelis will increase.

    No matter what comes out of the talks it won’t stop, because they will never get what they are truly interested in. The outright elimination of the state of Israel

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