The UN is no friend to Israel

It’s obvious, of course, that the UN is no friend to Israel when one reads any report of the proceedings that constantly emanate from UN headquarters.  Most of the UN’s effort goes into denouncing Israel.  However, a lot of people still naively believe that, on the ground, things are going to be different.  That’s why a reader here confidently predicted that the way to end Muslim hatred for the West was to abandon Israel to the Palestinians.  He assured us that the UN would make sure no massacres happened.  How naive.


3 Responses

  1. Machiavelli would have taken the UN apart, intestine by intestine. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Machiavelli advising our Prince.

  2. How could anyone so naively believe that the UN will prevent any sort of massacre, let alone one in Israel? The same Israel that is condemned by the UN at every opportunity?

    After the actions (or lack thereof) of the UN in both Srebernica and Rawanda, someone would have to be delusional to put any faith in the UN, let alone entrust them with any sort of defense of their country.

  3. UN is hijacked by International Goliath Arab Muslim OIL lobby, old news.

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