Weird book that hits too close to home

Do you remember Roberta Flack‘s great hit Killing Me Softly? It describes how she comes across a singer “Strumming my pain with his fingers, Singing my life with his words, Killing me softly with his song, Killing me softly with his song, Telling my whole life with his words, Killing me softly with his song….” I think the song came out in 1974 or 1975, and I found it mesmerizing. I loved Flack’s style, as well as the melody and the wonderful, mysterious lyrics.

Well, I’ve weirdly found myself in the same situation. For no particular reason except for the attractive cover, I checked a book out of the library that turns out to have a lead character eerily similar to me, so much so that I’m not going to identify the book because it gives away too much about me. The similarities are, of course, a total coincidence, since the author is a complete stranger to me. Nevertheless, here I am reading a book that describes my life to a 90% “T.” Not only is it creepily autobiographical, it’s also a sad book, so I’ve been weeping almost non-stop for the last hour and a half. I’m not normally someone who cries, but this is like reading my own alternate history with tragedy thrown in for good measure.

I’m about halfway through the book now and desperately hoping that “my” character gets a happy ending. Otherwise, all these tears I’ve shed won’t be cathartic, they’ll just be depressing.

UPDATE:  374 pages later and I can tell you that it had a pretty satisfying ending.


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  1. You know, I had EXACTLY the same experience with another book — Don Quixote.

  2. Damn! Once again WordPress sits on my comment for several minutes, makes me think that it has been rejected, and then publishes both it and the replacement comment. At least this time I was suspicious and waited longer. Anyway, apologies for the double post. A stupid joke is bad enough, but seeing it twice is excruciating.

  3. I hate that, too, O. I wait, and then hit reload. If it comes up on reload, then I won’t have made a fool outta myself.

  4. For what it is worth,

    I can somewhat relate in two ways,

    – About a book that seems to describe me,

    Well it was not a novel and it was not describing a character, but it was like reading for the first time ever an accurate description of what is going on inside of me…as if that woman had been inside my head and my heart and could describe who I am better than I can…
    the book is called ” The highly sensitive person ” by Elaine Aaron

    – About being suddenly unable to hold back tears,

    yesterday I found an old box with photos of a woman who was the love of my life and who I thought I had forgotten ( it has been 12 years since I have seen her or even heard about her)
    the photos brought memories and tears to my eyes, and then later in the day just thinking about those wonderful years, tears would come to my eyes again…
    I could not control it, it felt like we had just broke up a couple weeks ago…

    Weird I know…

  5. Sadly, the only way that I can relate is all the books that I have read and only wished that they reflected my life.

  6. Well, I am going to date myself. The song was on radio in 1972 and was number one in early 1973.

  7. Bookworm,
    Your youth betrays you!–Flack’s song came out in the 60’s while I was in college, so that would be between ’62 and ’66. I agree with you regarding the song and Flack’s delivery.

    Best wishes, Pam

  8. Your youth betrays you!

    Funny, Book ; )

    Too funny.

  9. UPDATE: 374 pages later and I can tell you that it had a pretty satisfying ending.

    Happy endings are good, Book. Joy be unto happy tidings.

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