Two quick picks

As you may know, France2 has been in French court defending its early judgment against a suit accusing it of promoting the false al-Dura video. Things are not going well for France2, though, as Media Backspin explains. (H/t Soccer Dad.)

Cranky Brit Pat Condell launches a pretty damn accurate attack against Islamists and White Supremacists, sullied only by a brief, gratuitous swipe against Catholics. Ignore that lapse into atheistic self-righteousness, and you’ve got a solid description of Islamist goals and methods, spineless governments, and horrible fellow travelers, all in one neat, 7 1/2 minute package.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Soccer Dad for correcting my erroneous take on the French case’s procedural posture — a mistake I should have known better than to make, but fell into because American courts don’t take evidence on appeal


3 Responses

  1. The Brits were ragging on Catholicism when Henry 8 split from the Pope. It is in their blood, it seems.

  2. I keep waiting for the EVIDENCE from the al-Dura case. I’ve heard quite a bit, but seen actually nothing.

    I keep suspecting that the camera footage will clearly show that the whole thing was a propaganda setup, and the media team was either complicit or utterly clueless. And the TV station knows it, and refuses to give it up.

    But, who knows? They might be refusing to release the footage, all these years, purely on principle.

    If the footage is what I think it is, after all these years, it will be huge. They may have been waiting for the furor to die down, but media manipulation is so much bigger now than ever, especially after all the photoshop controversies. I mean, LIES.

  3. Mike,

    Check out Melanie Phillips.

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