See — parents can serve as role models for their children

For those of you who worry that pop culture, and not the parent, serves as the role model for children, think again.  This bizarre story shows that at least one Mom is helping her daughter achieve the mom’s goals:

A Petaluma woman and her 16-year-old daughter were arrested on suspicion of shoplifting clothes together at a department store in Corte Madera. Sandra Lorraine Berg Martin, 43, and the teenager were detained by Macy’s security after they were observed smuggling clothes out of a fitting room Friday, said Twin Cities police Sgt. Jim Shirk.

After being confronted by security, the two were taken into a store office, where they produced three stolen dresses, three shirts and a jersey from their shopping bags, Shirk said. The items were valued at $1,006.

Sigh….  Really, what can you say about a story like this?  One hopes that this is one child who does learn to rebel against parental influences.  She’s with her grandparents now.  We can only hope that the grandparents weren’t the ones who taught her Mom the shoplifting skills.


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  1. Saddest thing I’ve read in awhile. You know, the possibility that the grandparents taught the five-finger discount method is somewhat remote. But it’s difficult to cultivate in children an appreciation for the good things people do, simultaneous with an appreciation for the good things people are. The pressure on parents to teach their kids to appreciate what people are, is at an all-time high because it’s been envisioned as a way to help combat sexism, racism, and other “isms.” There’s little evidence this has ever worked, but not for lack of trying.

    Shoplifting as a lifestyle choice, in a way is the ultimate failure to appreciate the good things people do. It is the ultimate result of a mindset that says this & that “ought to be free,” a mindset that is nowadays running rampant. So in that sense, there’s a very good chance the grandparents are the genesis of the problem, and may never realize it consciously.

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