Good reads

Just a quick heads up that Jonah Goldberg has one of his better columns (meaning it’s very good, indeed) about the Democratic candidates’ attack on wealth.

Also, John Stossel has some common sense about climate change (as does Power Line).


2 Responses

  1. I had to laugh yesterday when I saw an item on TV text news about snow in the Alps. The headline was Winter of the Century.

  2. I’ve noticed that heat waves make headlines but nobody writes about cold-waves. For fun: whenever a headline appears that talks about “record heat”, I google “record cold” and, sure enough, somewhere in world there is a record cold wave.

    I take Stossel with more-than a grain of salt. He is provocative but he also tends to shoot from the hip without all the facts. Which is OK if the objective is to stimulate inquiry but not if the objective is to inform.

    However, for Ophi’s sake, Stossel did include a very good link with respect to the IPCC report. Here it is:

    Finally, Book. you should try to avoid the term “common sense”. It’s so illogical and might cause the brains of some posters at your blog to swell and explode in a spray of multi-colored Jel-O.

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