More silliness from SF government

San Franciscans keep electing people like this, so I guess they get the government they deserve. By this, I mean the Stupes who decided to give everyone ID cards (which sounds like a good way to connect terrorists to their own personal bank accounts) and the School Board which is bound and determined to destroy JROTC, despite the fact that generations of American students have benefited from its camaraderie and discipline:

A controversial resolution that would have granted a one-year reprieve to the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps in San Francisco schools was pulled off the school board’s agenda tonight minutes after the meeting started.

Board President Mark Sanchez, a co-author of the measure, said that he believed there wasn’t enough support for the measure as it was written.

“We need more discussion about it,” he said.

That means that unless the board takes further action in the future, the 90-year JROTC program would be eliminated at the end of this school year — fulfilling a decision the board made last November.

The resolution before the board tonight would have extended the program for a year at five high schools, although it would have prevented ninth graders from enrolling in those JROTC programs.

The JROTC programs at the other two high schools would have been eliminated and replaced with a still undeveloped alternative program.

Kim-Shree Maufas, listed as the measure’s co-author, said she disagreed with the conditions in the resolution, specifically the prohibition against ninth grade enrollment next year.

“(Sanchez) and I will work on it some more,” she said.

More than 100 students and community members attended the meeting, the vast majority supporting the JROTC programs.

Sanchez allowed 15 minutes of public comment at the beginning of the meeting even though the measure was officially withdrawn.

Lowell High School senior Connie Chen had hoped to address the board, but didn’t make it to the front of a very long line. Later, she said that the board has left the students in limbo — with no extension and no replacement program — with about seven months until the end of the school year.

“They were elected to do what’s best for the students,” said Chen, who is the most senior JROTC officers at her school. “They’re the ones who should take JROTC leadership courses.”

Read the rest here.

Incidentally, I attended a San Francisco public school that had a devoted cadre of JROTC members. They were a credit to the school: hard working, polite, never in trouble, well disciplined, enthusiastic, etc. Clearly not the type of behavior schools want to encourage, right?


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  2. When our illustrious leaders pulled this stunt in Nov 06, I blogged about, very angry. I noted that when the Big Quake comes, all the selfrighteous hippies who infest this place will expect the military to show up fast to restore order and make them tea. I opined that the soldiers should decline, since they were never welcome before.

    A cyberfriend of mine, a gay Marine catastrophically wounded in Iraq, read my rant and wrote to remind me that democracy meant defending people’s right to be wrong, and that in the case of a quake or other disaster, “we’d come anyway.”

    “We’d come anyway.”

    Says more than I ever could about all this.

  3. You’re friend, EssEm, is a Marine in the truest sense of the word, isn’t he? I hope that he recovers as quickly and completely as possible from his wounds, and is able to go forward with a life that is both meaningful and enjoyable.

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