Apologies for not having too much to say

I have been blogging (sort of), so I have the consolation that you’re not coming here and finding that dreaded “nothing has changed” blog look, at least from one day to the next.  I do know, though, that my output has been lethargic.  For that I blame my third cold in as many months, which seems to have sapped my energy.  I’m keeping up with the kids, the household and work, but don’t seem to have many reserves left, which translates into a mental malaise that I can’t seem to snap past.

I’m also getting that Ecclesiastes type feeling that, when it comes to the news, there’s nothing new under the sun right now.  The primary candidates are slogging it out and, further afield, the world is engaged in its eternal tug of war, which sees an unending battle between those who crave stasis, no matter how bad, and those who crave change, no matter how dangerous.  I keep looking at things, seeking some larger pattern (whether it’s a good pattern or a bad one), only to retire defeated.  I can’t tell if this defeat is my own internal deflation, or if the great randomizer is at work right now, deleting any coherence from world events.

Since I can’t make order, let me pass on to you something really, really laugh out loud hysterically funny that I saw on Hot Air today.  You may not realize it, but already back in 1994 some enterprising individual had the idea for the show 24.  But somehow, it just didn’t seem to work right.  Check it out at the Hot Air link, above, or for a larger format, go here.  If you’re older than 20 years and don’t think this video is a hoot, you need to get a funny bone check-up.


2 Responses

  1. Green tea helps with fatigue. Or just about any high density anti-oxidant product such as OPC.

    That or coffee. I don’t drink much coffee personally. It takes me about a day or two to recover from colds, so the same thing applies to stimulants. Too much stimulants and it goes straight to the head and heart. Major headache time then.

  2. Personally, I prefer to write about a subject rather than post links to someone else writing about that topic. It is why I write more comments than I do blog posts on my own blog.

    Some times arguments require justification and background reading, though.

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