Another Bush victory

For a lame duck President, Bush is still adept at getting what he wants:

The White House said it expects Michael Mukasey to be sworn in as attorney general Friday after the Senate confirmed the retired judge Thursday night.

Michael Mukasey will begin meeting with Justice Department staff right away, the White House says.

White House spokesman Tony Fratto said Mukasey likely will be sworn in Friday afternoon in a low-key ceremony. A public event may occur next week when President Bush returns from Texas, Fratto said.

“He will begin meeting with staff right away and getting to work,” Fratto said of Mukasey.

The Senate late Thursday approved Mukasey’s nomination for attorney general by a 53-40 vote despite controversy over his refusal to brand the terror interrogation technique of waterboarding as torture.


3 Responses

  1. For a lame duck President, Bush is still adept at getting what he wants:

    That is because Bush doesn’t have to worry over what Pakistan’s Musharaff has to worry about, nor what the former Shah of Iran worried over. Bush actually has a loyal military institution, which if he had not, he would have been destroyed in Iraq.

  2. This is the difference between America and the barbaricum.

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