Tony Blair is converting to Catholicism

I have no comment to make about this, but I nevertheless find it interesting:

Tony Blair is to become a Roman Catholic within weeks.

The former prime minister will be received into his new church in a mass at the private chapel of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales.

He has been guided by Fr John Walsh, a former RAF chaplain who celebrated mass at Chequers, and Fr Mark O’Toole, the cardinal’s secretary.

His path to Rome will come as no surprise because his wife Cherie and four children are Catholics and the family have worshipped together for years.

Mr Blair, in one of his final acts as prime minister, met Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican when he told him of wish to leave the Church of England.

The imminent conversion was disclosed by the respected Catholic newspaper The Tablet, which predicted the service would be held this month.

Mr Blair’s spokesman did not deny the story. He said: “This is the same old speculation.”

But a friend of Mr Blair said: “It is something he has wanted to do for years but knew it would be easier after he had left office. Tony and Cherie are both thrilled.”

Mr Blair has rarely been seen in a church of the Anglican faith except on official occasions.


9 Responses

  1. Is being Catholic a good thing?

  2. Yes, being Catholic is a good thing, especially if one is serious about it, as Mr. Blair appears to be.

  3. This is good.

  4. At the rate things are going, and if no big event happens to change everything, by the end of this century England – as many other european countries – will be under sharia law .

    So I guess Tony Blair wants history to remember him as one of the last few Christians who tried to stop the Islamisation of the planet.

    Kind of a “last wish” thing before the end comes…

    PS; Bookworm, I voted for you 3 times. I only discovered this site a couple weeks ago and I like it.
    Keep up the good writing!

  5. another thing,

    I feel like I should explain my name ” Friend of USA “…

    the thing is I am a Canadian who’s first language is french,
    ( I’m in the Montreal city region ) but despite this I am not a liberal and I do not hate the USA, in fact I love it.

  6. Friend,
    Welcome to the community; while some will nit-pick at language errors, it is most often meant as constructive criticism instead of attack. I understand second language (et le troisieme, aussi) issues and translation problems.
    Merci pour l’amite,
    SGT Dave

  7. Book, do you sometimes get the same sense that I do, that the American military has more cosmopolitanism in one of their members than the entire Leftist ideology put together?

    Or is that just me?

  8. SGT Dave,

    It is fine if anyone wants to point any error, I want to improve my english anyway.

    and thanks for the welcome!

  9. “Tony Blair, converting tp Catholicism?”

    Rubbish! If Tony Blair is an Anglican he is already a Catholic. What he intends to do is join the Roman Catholic Church, a somewhat different thing.

    Read John Evelyn’s Diary, June 1686, where he mentions the New Church of Trent. Thee are many other writers and historians who mention the difference.

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