Rejiggering everythough you thought you knew about Communism

Okay, the title of this post isn’t quite true, because it would take a whole book, or maybe a series, to rejigger American conventional wisdom about Communism.  Nevertheless, Randall Hoven makes an incredible start here, debunking myriad myths, and I urge you to read it.


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  1. It seems the more pure the communism, the more people die.

    Damn straight, Book. People have flaws. The New World Order must purge those flaws.

    With a newly liberated Russia, the Communists were able to return. The German Kaiser paid for Lenin’s return because Lenin supported Russia’s withdrawal from World War I. The Communists overthrew the provisional democratic government in its infancy a few months later, in November of that same year. (It is called the October Revolution because it occurred in October of the Julian calendar used in Russia at the time.)

    Exactly. I didn’t even need to read the Communist Manifesto to predict this. When the host weakens because the leaders loosen their grasp, guess which parasite is the first to latch unto the host?

    Sergey would love this, I need to send him the link. He comments over at Neo-neocon and is a Russian patriot.

    The real lesson is simple, Book. Democracies are notoriously weak hearted in fighting against foreign and domestic enemies of liberty. It takes military force, Spartan warrior ethos, military discipline, to even begin to shore up the weaknesses in democracies and republics.

    The State Department was responsible for setting up the United Nations. They were the ones that decided what the UN should be used for, and their vision came true, instead of Truman’s. After all, Truman wasn’t involved in the day to day details with the UN. The State Department, however, was.

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