Big words spoken here

The inimitable Paragraph Farmer directed me to two websites that analyze the level of education the average reader needs to understand my blog. Here’s how I come out on the first test:

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Incidentally, although the website that ran that algorithm doesn’t explain, it almost certainly is analyzing my vocabulary and sentence length. So, it could be gibberish, but still rank up there as long as the words and sentences are suitably complex.  On that scale, I’d be worried if I was “College (Grad)”, because I’d almost certainly have reduced this blog to buzzword unintelligibility.

Juicy Studio, which has a more detailed analysis of these readability indices, analyzed my blog and gave me an 11.42 on the Gunning Fog index, a 60.78 on the Flesch Reading Ease, and an 8.08 on the Flesch-Kincade Grade.  Bottom line:  you have to be educated and literate to follow my writing.  And judging by the comments routinely left at my blog, you are.


6 Responses

  1. Of coarse i am edukaytd and litterite, and cause I kin unnerstand most of whut you rite, i think i am probably intelligint and good lookin too.
    Seiously, I enjoy your site.

  2. That’s a relief! I guess I don’t have to know how to spell pooh-pooh to continue reading here.

  3. You can do individual posts that aren’t on the main page by using the perma link. Although for me, nothing much changed. The number of years level was still around 10.

    Flesch Reading Ease was also around 60-65.

  4. I tried it. My blog’s level is Elementary School, which is good because it’s being read by English learners all over the world. I don’t write down to people, but I am choosing words that I expect to be in the vocabularies of people for whom English is a second language. The Reading Ease was about 74.

  5. Ha! My altiloquence superciliates yours! 😉

  6. Nicely done on the scales; my normal work (when not abroad) is in translation and transliteration. I shoot for grade 9-10 normally and around 50 on the ease scale. It is harder than it appears to take a translated document “down” the scale for readability. Remember that the scales measure word length and number of words per sentence; loquacious does not necessarily mean erudite.
    SGT Dave

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