Life is serious, so let’s see some joy

This video has some of the greatest dancing ever captured on film, not to mention Cab Calloway’s hep contribution:

If you don’t recognize them, those fabulous dancing men are The Nicholas Brothers, Fayard and Harold.


2 Responses

  1. I would be in the hospital if I attempted even half of what those two accomplished.

    However, I am white. Since they are African-American, and clearly not protesting against racist White America, they are racist, too, since they are not protesting. According to Dr. Shakti Butler, author of the Whites Are Racist But No One Else Is program, mandatorily forced upon all students at U of Delaware. If you are not Actively Resisting, You Are Racist Too.

    That is merely one of the mandatory conclusions of the mandatory indoctrination program instituted at that Orwellian Institute.

    These gentlemen coordinated brilliant, phenomenal artistic and atheletic brilliant moves with an orchestra perfectly in tune with their endeavors. It was brilliant individually, it was brilliant as an ensemble. It was brilliant!
    An artistic triumph! How wonderful it is that it exists, how grateful I am to Book to be directed to view it. Wow!

  2. Wow. That was AMAZING!!!!

    How did you come across that clip?

    I couldn’t help but think as I was watching that so few entertainers today are truly that talented. Few come close. But still, they are afforded the adulation that should have gone to these two men, the Nicholas Brothers, simply because they take off their clothes and engage in outrageous behavior.

    If they relied on their talent, we would never know their names.

    Bookworm, if you find anything more like that or anything else on the Nicholas Brothers, please post!!! That made my day.

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