Islam and women

I’ve posted repeatedly about the fact that one of the main things Islamists fear about the West is the fact that the West has decided not to subjugate its women.  So much of Islamic energy is spent on women’s issues — only not in the way NOW defines them.

To NOW, women’s issues, at the extreme end, are comparable pay, unlimited abortions on demand, and GLBT rights.  At the less extreme end, NOW’s acolytes focus on reasonable things such as equal pay for equal work, equal access to education and opportunities, and freedom from discrimination.

To Islamists, women’s issues include keeping women from driving, preventing them from being educated, confining them to the house, wrapping them in tents when they leave the house, executing them if they are raped, beating them for any infractions, allowing them to die rather than flee burning building inadequately clothed, etc.  (I’m lazy this morning, but you can readily find links for every one of the assertions I just made.)

As part of this wonderful world of viewing women as chattel who must constantly be demeaned and disciplined lest they make their manifestly inadequate men face their own inadequacy, the Islamists have come up with a new and exciting idea:  The woman free wedding.  Yay!

To heck with multiculturalism:  the Islamists — by which I mean, not Muslims generally, but only those who choose to practice the religion in its most extreme, misogynistic, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Western form — are bad news, and they practice a debased form of religion.  To my mind, religion should bring out the best in people.  Islamists use their religion to justify the worst.


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  2. “To my mind, religion should bring out the best in people. Islamists use their religion to justify the worst.”

    The religion itself is designed to do that. It was crafted to appeal to a backward people, economically and technologically well behind the other peoples of its place and time, by promising them booty and ultimately Paradise for “fighting in the way of Allah.” If you’re dim enough to buy the promises of eternal sexual bliss with 72 virgins dedicated to your pleasure alone, after having been told that even to see a woman’s unveiled face is an abomination that deserves whipping, you can be made to swallow anything.

    The West’s problems with Islam could all be resolved if we were simply to take Muslims, and the Islamic scriptures, at their word, rather than backing away from their lunacies and saying, “Oh, they don’t really mean that.”

  3. It apparently doesn’t make any difference to the ‘men’ in that mysoginistic world if little girls dance around in public in a sort of sexual manner, but it really bothers them if adult women show skin.

  4. I don’t say this lightly: I am becoming convinced that Islam is an actual example of a genuine religion of evil.

    We all observe our multiculti, tolerant pieties, saying “it’s not Islam, it’s just the extremists” or “we need to help the good Muslims overcome the fanatical Islamists.” Yet more and more I’m coming to realize that we’re lying to ourselves.

    It isn’t the extremists, it’s Islam itself. The “good Muslims” are good only to the extent that they’re bad Muslims — disobeying the Prophet’s injunctions to make war on unbelievers, disobeying the rules on treating women as sex toys and baby machines, disregarding the doctrine that only the Koran is absolute truth. Those are the “good” Muslims, because they don’t follow Islam very well.

    Osama Bin Laden is a real Muslim. He’s devout. He obeys all the Prophet’s rules. And that makes him a monster, because Islam is a religion invented by a monster, designed to appeal to the most monstrous desires of its followers.

    We need to stop lying to ourselves. Islam is not compatible with freedom, toleration, reason, peace, or human dignity. We can’t live with it because it has demonstrated, time and time again, that it cannot coexist with the rest of humanity.

    Islam must be destroyed.

    That doesn’t mean its believers all have to die. But it does mean that we must start aggressively countering Muslim missionary projects. We must devise and implement ways to undermine religious faith among Muslims. We must destroy the religion, so that we don’t have to destroy its believers.

    Fortunately we have two powerful weapons, and amusingly they are the extremes of our own society. Evangelical Christianity and militant secularism can fight shoulder to shoulder. Christianity offers the vision of a religion of authentic mercy and brotherhood — a faith which honors and “empowers” women rather than oppressing them; the worship of a loving and forgiving deity rather than Islam’s vengeful war god. Meanwhile secularism offers skepticism, reason, science — and pleasures of the flesh which Muhammad never imagined when he described his whorehouse Heaven.

    If we want to survive, and want to avoid becoming genocidal monsters out of sheer self-preservation, we have to stop fighting among ourselves and turn our ideological aggression against the genuine religion of evil. Under the hammer blows of Christian faith and Western unbelief, Muhammad’s big fraud cult will finally crumble.

  5. The problem is that the MSM simply doesn’t show this kind of footage out of a misguided fear of offending Moslems, being politically incorrect, or not wanting death threats as occurred in Denmark.

    This film is revolting on so many levels. Adult women are not allowed to be sexual- or barely even to exist as humans. No such compulsions with little girls. Since no women were present, and “hot” little girls get to dance provacatively, in no sleeves for the men, it’s pretty clear that on some level sexual attraction to children is okay- even encouraged. If that isn’t child abuse, I don’t know what is- little girl brides and suicide bomber little boys. Funded , of course, by Iran and our ally, saudi Arabia, and Iran soon to have a nuclear weapon, shared with these celebrating barbarians if we in the west don’t wake up and REACT. Proactive is better than reactive.

    Meanwhile, Europeans and college students march against Israel and in support of these folks. Well, as they say, denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

  6. The phenomenon of ‘blaming the [raped] victim’ tells again abut women’s “rights” in that “religion”.

  7. “To my mind, religion should bring out the best in people. Islamists use their religion to justify the worst.”
    I forget who said there is NO crime that cannot be condoned using Jihad as a justification.

    Trimegistus nailed it.

  8. Not that I absolutely had to see the video – there are all sorts of mass weddings here in The Sandbox which get published with color photographs in the two English language newspapers – with the men and women separated as is the norm – but I would have liked to have seen the video… Can’t. It is blocked here in The Sandbox by the powers that be – like so many, many, many other sites – some for absolutely no fathomable reason that I can discern.

  9. These guys may be on to something. I would have saved a fortune in alimony if I had a woman free wedding.

    (e.g. Just celebrating by myself!) 🙂

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