TNR has spoken

TNR has finally broken its silence and responded to the fact that Drudge made public documents regarding the Scott Thomas Beauchamp affair. According to TNR, everything Beauchamp said is true, and any recantations resulted from the military’s bullying him, augmented by right wing spin. I don’t have time to comment know, and don’t have a deep knowledge of the facts to do so, but I’ll remind you that Beauchamp’s story had fallen apart without his recantation, as it emerged that it was impossible for the military vehicles described to swerve around to hit dogs; that no disfigured woman in Iraq had been ridiculed at a base; and that no one else in Iraq recollected soldiers frolicking with the bones of the dead.

I’ll keep you posted as more intelligent analyses come along.

UPDATE:  Here’s what I was waiting for.  Bob Owens, who has followed this story with incredible tenacity, takes on TNR’s “vast right wing/military conspiracy” defense.


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