May I recommend to you. . . .

. . . . a wonderful opinion piece that Cinnamon Stillwell wrote about the San Francisco drag queens dressed as nuns who took Holy Communion, not as an act of faith, but to ridicule the Church.  Not only does Cinnamon expose the fundamentally anti-Christian attitude behind this attack on the deepest principles of the Church, she also shows the hypocrisy inherent in the attack on an easy target, one that will not fight back, while the same activist groups, for the most part, ignore completely the violently anti-homosexual policies in the Muslim world.


3 Responses

  1. I was raised to hate no one, judge no one and to love my neighbor. I learned this at Church.

    If that is the worldview that the the Gay community finds offensive and that they would destroy ….
    then I say “be careful what you wish for.”

  2. This is partly just a chance for these exhibitionists to dress up in fancy costumes and makeup, and be ostentatious. It’s really just another form of superficial, vogue-style on-stage performance in drag, combined with political protest.

    These leftist groups, whether gay or not, have always viewed the Catholic heirarchy, and its traditional values, as The Enemy. This is just the latest in the assault.

    I hope you’ll find reasonable gays somewhere in the movement that value monogamy, prudence, quiet and reasonable lives filled with contemplation, reverence for Jesus and God, etc. When I scan the news, however, I don’t see them anywhere in the whole gay agenda movement. I suspect any such reasonable gays have abandoned the gay movement, much as reasonable women have abandoned the feminist movement, and reasonable black people have abandoned the black movement. The people in power are leftists, filled with radical America-destroying agendas, and the reasonable and responsible people simply can’t agree with any of it.

  3. There, I will comment hushed to suppress what you can do. She smiled fearful and looked over at the stairway.

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