I think she’s one of us

I like Elizabeth Lowell’s romantic thrillers. I’m reading her most recent one, Innocent as Sin, about an adventurous, romantic hunt for a cold-blooded arms merchant.  Early on, at a meeting between an information broker and a 60 Minutes style news group negotiating the handover of information about the bad guy, the information broker offers some photos to prove his case.  As it happens, we, the readers, already know that the photos are what they purport to be.  At page 18, this bit of dialog ensues:

“Pictures are easy to fake,” Carson said.  “Remember the CBS National Guard memos.”

Steele laughed out loud.  “Those were badly done counterfeits.  No intelligence agency would have bought them and no self-respecting journalist should have.”


3 Responses

  1. Slightly off-topic here, but on the issue of fiction writers who are “one of us”, I have a question.

    I’ve just finished Ken Follett’s “World Without End”. Mr. Follett is described as a ‘champagne socialist’ and he is indeed devoted to the liberal party in England.

    However, his books “The Pillars Of the Earth” and “World Without End” are the most effective libertarian propaganda that I’ve ever read. I think he’s far more effective than Ayn Rand in demonstrating the worse effects of corrupt governance, the importance of the Rule of Law rather than Rule of Man, and of the importance of individual freedom ESPECIALLY in the area of business and economics and in how cities and and nations thrive.

    Mr. Follett is a socialist, but the economic ideas in these books are deeply libertarian. Can anyone explain this?

  2. I think, Mike, that people who are really good writers can’t escape the truth. That’s why I think that J.K. Rowling, no matter how she’d classify herself, is at heart a conservative. She thinks in terms of big issues — of good and evil, of overarching government that is willingly complicit with evil to keep the bureaucracy going, etc. Real writers, not pot-boilers, can’t hide from their own truths.

  3. Real writers have to deal with real people. That in essence means that they have to deal with how government deals with real people, and secondly how people run governments.

    Sort of like the DMZ, the price stays fixed while the lines get longer. Even the bureacrats don’t know where the money is going.

    I just got an idea. I think it would be preferable to reform the IRS mandate so that they do more audits of government books. Any government bureacracy. People are kept honest by the belief that there are others out to get them if they step out of line. The triumverate system is thus efficient because each leg watches the others.

    The creator of Babylon 5 said that while he was an atheist and believed religion was a false belief system, nevertheless he had to raise the importance of religion in the characters he wrote into Babylon 5. His explanation was that religion is part of humanity and where humanity goes, so will religion. Thus you have the character G’Kar who is embittered by his homeworld being occupied and torn apart by the Centauri, finding peace and serenity in a belief in god, his god.

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