Bill Clinton earns my respect, at least for the moment

Bill Clinton deserves huge kudos for this:

Clinton’s 50-minute speech, which started about an hour behind schedule, was derailed briefly by several hecklers in the audience who shouted that the 2001 terrorist attacks were a fraud. Rather than ignoring them, Clinton seemed to relish a direct confrontation.

“A fraud? No, it wasn’t a fraud,” Clinton said, as the crowd cheered him on. “I’ll be glad to talk to you if you shut up and let me talk.”

When another heckler shouted that the attacks were an “inside job,” Clinton took even greater umbrage.

“An inside job? How dare you. How dare you. It was not an inside job,” Clinton said. “You guys have got to be careful, you’re going to give Minnesota a bad reputation.”

Hat tip: Hot Air


5 Responses

  1. Yes, Bookworm, he does.

    I am going to believe that his response was legitimate, that it came from his heart, and was not something he decided to do because it would be beneficial to him or his wife.

    And that is what is so terrible because if it had been almost anyone else (including many Democrats) who had responded that way, that seed of doubt would not be in my mind. But it’s there because I simply can never tell whether what he or is wife says is what they truly believe or just something they are saying to give themselves an advantage.

  2. My first reaction was similar. But, if you step back and think about this for a moment, what does it really say? We think this former President deserves huge kudos for publically denying a wacko theory that our own leaders, our own government pulled off the horrifying acts of 9/11.

    Just think about that for a moment. What does that say about Bill Clinton? What does that say about Democrats, that we are so impressed by this? What does that say about how far we have come in accepting and expecting the sorry state of the ‘liberal’ faction here in this country?

    The very fact that it IS news, that it IS surprising, that it IS especially admirable for Bill Clinton to have voiced this opinion says so much more about the depths to which Democrats have sunk and about the amazingly low level of expectation we have for them, don’t you think?

  3. Excellent point, Tap. You are right. If Giuliani or Pres. Bush, Romney, or almost any Republican senator had said something like that, I wouldn’t have thought two seconds about it.

    But because someone on the left said it, it is almost as if we want to applaud them.

    Our expectations for them are clearly in the toilet.

  4. You’re right, Tap and Deana.

    As for me, the more I think about it, the more I think it was also meant to stand in for Hillary’s Sister Souljah moment — with the Clinton’s trying to hold themselves out to all people, wacky and normal.

    Nevertheless, he said it, and in today’s insane world, it matters that someone who still carries so much weight in the political arena said those words.

  5. It is another Bill Clinton ‘Sister Souljah’ moment. The real Democratic candidates could learn a thing or two from Mr. Clinton’s political instincts.

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