Why is this happening?

Can anyone explain to me why I periodically get between 5-10 links per day from random Tigerhawk posts when there is no, zero, nada, nothing connecting to my blog on the referring page?  See this page, for example.  Not a hint of my presence there, yet I’ve already received 5 referring links from that page in the last 20 minutes.  All reasonably rational explanations will be gratefully accepted.


3 Responses

  1. I cannot explain it, and can certainly imagine how upsetting it might be.

  2. There are explanations off the top of my head. One, Tigerhawk has a bunch of spybots and spiders on his page that is hitting all the links on his blog list, including yours.

    Or, some commenters are clicking on the link to your blog Tigerhawk has in his blog whatever, while on tiger’s blog.

  3. That occasionally happens to me, too. No clue. But that’s not surprising.

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