How to listen to Hillary *BUMPED*

(I think I finally got the image to show up, so I’ve bumped this back to the top)

WS sent me this wonderful picture of one of the vets listening to Hillary address the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

UPDATE: Normally, when I get “too good to be true” emails, I check them out at Snopes to see if they’re urban legends.  I should have done that this time.  Not only is the vet not listening Hillary, he’s listening to George Bush!  It’s still a great picture, though, isn’t it?


7 Responses

  1. Um, I can’t see a picture. Is it just me?

  2. I can’t either.

  3. It ain’t fixed yet……

  4. Thanks Book, much better 🙂

  5. Oh you funny, funny conservatives. Is it because you don’t check your sources, or because it’s a military veteran, you automatically believe he’s dissing a Democrat?

    Sorry, but no cigar:

  6. One of the most interesting things about the Left is how often they are able to convince themselves that they are the representatives of man’s better nature, all while spewing poison and acid wherever they walk.

    How deluded can you get? Humanity’s ability to self-deceive is quite large, and most of it has been mined by the Left. If the Left mines any lower then they might be able to float into the air, as Winston Smith witnessed.

    ( a nod to Book’s recent comments about 1984)

  7. You’re absolutely right, Muse. I’ll correct!

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