A nice, neat, clean, good smelling idea

When I lived in England, one of my friends went for the one and only time to a professional soccer game.  Although she found it exciting, she vowed not to go back when she learned the hard way that serious soccer fans, rather than leaving the stands, would just pee where they stood or use cups that later, in their “excitement,” they’d use to sprinkle on those around and below them in the stands.  That kind of absolutely revolting, uncivilized behavior might become a thing of the past, if Eva Tinter of KETS GmbH has her way.  The same product discussed in the article strikes me as something with myriad uses, although I’m sure we’ll be hearing from the greenies that it does something bad for the environment.


4 Responses

  1. She said she had also offered to sell the product to the organizers of the Cologne carnival, which is notorious for wild urination by inebriated revellers in the city. “The matter was something of a taboo, I think the organizers in Cologne are conservative. So I’ll be offering it to the carnival organizers in Düsseldorf next year instead.”

    Never forget about the conservatives, Book. Spiegel won’t let you.

  2. Heh. Conservative isn’t necessarily a political description.

    It sounds like the same sort of stuff (in the bags) as is in baby diapers. If they have a nice easily seal they *might* be intact to be picked up after the soccer games.

    Probably better than pee in cups, but I have seen a few diapers explode, and that’s a mess too.

  3. Best they could do, Synova. Spiegel has to make an effort, at least.

  4. I am a few days behind in my reading so this is a late post. On the serious side, I was an over the road driver for many years. Quite often I would wind up in places without proper facilities. I imagine this item would prove popular to many drivers.

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