1776 — the action movie

Very funny:

UPDATE:  YouTube deleted the above video.  However, you can still see it here.

Hat tip: Hot Air


5 Responses

  1. All these 300 creations are essentially billions worth of free advertisement.

    Why this is funny is because the Jacksonian war porn market, to which 300 might actually apply, is essentially untapped.

  2. I’m a little amazed at the people who like to nitpick about historical inaccuracies in 300, but are perfectly happy to swallow a metric load of B.S. direct from Michael Moore’s jiggling hindquarters.

  3. The video has been deleted 😦

  4. That’s sad. I’ll leave this post here because of the good comments and on the off, off chance that the video comes back to life at YouTube.

  5. You got to wonder exactly what the Cartoon Network is thinking. Are the lawyers simple automatons or do company managers actually understand how to market a product based upon human need and nature?

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