What the rabid anti-War crowd looks like

The best place to see anti-War protesters is, of course, Zombie’s site.  Sometimes, though, protest pictures, and their back stories, turn up in other places as well. As you read the linked article and look at the pictures, please note the Communist front group sponsoring the bill before the SF Board of Stupes, the obscene signs, and the by-now-mandatory Bush/Hitler comparison.  Cindy Sheehan, who must have a heck of lot of frequent flier miles, shows up in the article too, preparatory to a trip her spiritual home in San Francisco.


2 Responses

  1. Jesus F****g Christ! Cindy F*****g Sheehan is everywhere! Of course as the puppet of the far left the deep pockets of Michael Moore and other white wine Hollywood liberals are probably paying her way so we can all here that Godawful, shrill, inarticulate voice! Oh well, what the fook? [Redacted by the editor because I’m a prude.]

  2. Good article. Here’s a good article about the rabid chickenhawk ziocons who comprise the pro-war movement.

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