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I wanted to say here that I haven’t forgotten the fire engulfing Southern California.  I just have nothing intelligent to add.  All I can do is keep the residents in my thoughts and hope that as many as possible return safely to their homes, without suffering anything more than inconvenience.


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  1. Good thoughts, Bookworm. I tried to link to you with a trackback pinger, but … who knows, eh?

    My grumbles

  2. Today is the first day of calm where I live. The winds have been extraordinary, the worst in my memory. They blew a section off our roof, the streets were littered with huge tree branches. The air has been filled with soot, and all day long it was intensely hot, with endless dry, fierce wind. It would be impossible for firefighters to gain control under these conditions.

    Two years ago the hills near my community scorched. We could walk a block and see the hills on fire. The beautiful open space preserves nearby, filled with scrub and oak, burned freely. Ash rained on us, on our cars and homes. A few blocks from us people were ready to evacuate- cars packed, facing out in the driveways. I have never felt such gratitude to the firefighters who came from all over to save homes and lives. They were our heroes.

    After the fire you could drive and see a completely scorched area, surrounding totally the intact, untouched house in the middle. Remarkable.

    My heart goes out to those who lost their homes. I have imagined many times what they are going through- with just moments to spare, what do you pack? What do you leave behind?

    The calm people interviewed on the news are clearly in a state of shock. How hard to start all over, but a powerful reminder of how vulnerable we, and what we own, are.

    Thank you firefighters.

  3. I am so glad, Lulu, that nothing worse happened to you than a damaged roof. That’s an expensive pain in the neck, but so much better than the alternatives. Hope all of you stay well, and that the weather shifts quickly and dramatically into a less volatile mode.

  4. I have a thing or two to add. Note the differences between a state where local officials are, for the most part, NOT crooks, and may even be reasonably good at their jobs; and, oh… just for example: Louisiana. Specifically New Orleans.

    Note the differences between the Superdome and Qualcomm Stadium.

    Note the differences in performance between a laughable retired actor as governor; and the crooked Huey Long democrat professional politician who still – for some reason – governs Louisiana.

    Note the same democrat idiots (Boxer, Lt. Gov. Garamonde, come to mind) in the midst of this disaster trying to blame President Bush and – somehow or other – Iraq. Instead of saying: “Hey – New Orleans! Here’s how you move a million people in an orderly manner, and find places for them to go, and care for them – without requiring somebody else to do it for you. Great job, California, we’re proud of you!”

    Note that when the phone rang from the White House in Sacramento, someone was there to answer it, and report that they WERE engaged in evacuations, and didn’t know quite what was needed yet but thanks and we’ll get back to you – unlike the brilliant voodoo priest who runs New Orleans and spent the afternoon before Katrina modeling his dashiki collection.

    There are also similarities, though – and, oddly enough (or perhaps inevitably enough) they all emanate from the democrats!!! What a shock! Barbara Boxer, who’s never shown an atom of concern for or interest in the National Guard in her life, is lamenting that so many of them are in Iraq – and can’t help. (Of course, there are thousands of Marines standing around at Camp Pendleton whose commander has volunteered them, and they’re just waiting to be told where to go – but Boxer’s only a senator, she can’t be expected to know that.)

    They have a problem with this one, though the democrats do. Too many cameras on top of what’s actually going on – and it’s working well. In fact it’s working brilliantly – right in front of everyone, no opportunity to spiun the thing, though Reid (“it’s because of global warning”) and Boxer are trying.

    But California right now is showing everybody how it should be done, and much as I dislike California: you guys are great! If a few bucks from me will help, it’s on its way.

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