Harry Reid is doing some game playing to force the DREAM Act through Congress

I’ve got to run to a couple of meetings this morning, but wanted to alert you to the fact that Harry Reid is trying to get a cloture vote (that is, he’s trying to shut down debate) on the DREAM Act tomorrow.  The DREAM Act is the one that mandate in-state tuition at State Colleges and University for illegal aliens, something denied to the legal kids from the state next door.  (A cost I’ve experienced personally, since I payed full out of state tuition for the very great privilege of attending a superb public law school.)  In addition, once a state’s tax payers have funded the illegal alien’s dream to get the type of college education denied to legal residents and citizens, they get a green card.  Whoopee!

If you think this is a bad idea, contact your senator.  Michelle Malkin has all the details and information I left out.  You can use the service at Numbers USA to make your protests known and easy.


9 Responses

  1. Harry Reid certainly fits the traditional definition of a Liberal: someone who proclaims the moral high ground for being exceedingly generous with other peoples’ money.

  2. Compatible with acquiring the moral high ground at the expense of other people’s lives.

  3. The illegal alien population is analogous to the common people in Iraq. You will have many factions vying for the support of such people. You have to get in front of the pack, so to speak, for if you can provide the security that these people need, then they will provide you the support you will need.

    If the Republicans refuse to learn from the gift of Iraq, then Iraq will lose much of its benefit. After all, Iraq offers more than military training and the crushing of America’s enemies, it offers political solutions to nagging US immigration problems as well.

  4. Y – are you saying that it is necessary and/or a good idea to pass the Dream Act?

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  6. It is never necessary to do what your enemies are doing. If they torture, must we torutre? No. But that doesn’t mean we go by the ACLU, JAG, and Bush’s wishes either.

  7. The dream act discrminates against americans. It ‘s wrong and is obvious.

    Dreaming is acutally a disease. Lucifer created it and gave it to us hoping make us him, which is what he does to what God created.

    Anti – A

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