Use your words to feed people

I’ve provided 300 grains of rice to the world’s hungry — and it was so interesting to do, I’m not even bothered by the fact that it went through the United Nations.

At the website Free Rice, you have to do multiple choice guesses as to the meaning of words, sort of like an advanced vocabulary quiz. I stopped at 310 grains of rice, because I realized that, if I didn’t stop, I’d spend my entire day working my way through my mental dictionary. Incidentally, my average word level is 46. How do you do?

Hat tip: Cheat-Seeking Missiles


7 Responses

  1. I got to 46 and then it was all downhill.

  2. Same here. It is addictive, though!

  3. Stopped at 500 grains…. 49.

    I’m a good guesser.

  4. Vocab level 39. It’s actually lower since I use intuitive recollection rather than actually remembering what those words mean. Many of those words I had no idea what it meant, yet got them correct due to deduction and inference.

  5. I stopped at “omphaloskepsis”

    with 720 rice. Vocab level went down to 37 because I miss two every ten or so since they kept giving me words that pertained to a specific object. That is truly arcane.

  6. Stopped at 650 with a 38. This is really addictive.

  7. 420, made it to 46, but ended at 41. many extremely arcane–and therefore utterly useless–words. But still fun. Are all of them even English?

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