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I listened to a minute of the Michael Medved show and heard a Code Pink representative going on about how 24 year olds can’t be expected to understand their mortality and should not be trusted with a serious decision such as joining the military.  (This is all apropos of the ongoing Code Pink attack against the Marine Recruiting station in Berkeley.)  As I was listening to her, I wondered what her stance is on parental notification for abortion and birth control.  I’d be willing to bet, although I have no way of knowing for sure, that most of the Code Pink people are very strongly pro-choice, and don’t believe anything should be put between a woman/girl and her birth control or abortion.

As part of that whole birth control/abortion package for girls, I’ll note that, while many schools pass out condoms, the Maine school’s decision to make pills available to middle school girls is a quantum leap in another, very frightening direction.  Condoms are merely barriers.  Pills seriously affect the hormones of a growing girl, and it’s anybody’s guess what the long term consequences of that interference are going to be.  This goes well beyond saying, “if they’re going to do it, at least let them do it safely,” and drifts into scary realms of doing potentially dreadful things to a child’s body — all without the parents having any say in the matter.


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  1. And don’t forget that, in a way, handing out birth control pills (which mostly prevent pregnancy but do NOT prevent sexually transmitted diseases) sends the message to young girls that pregnancy is worse than herpes, gonorrhea and all that jazz. Bravo.

  2. Too bad Code Pink was not there is 1944 when my 21 year old father joined the Navy. He boarded a LST in Pittsburg, rode it down the Ohio, Mississippi, through the Panama Canal, up to Frisco, over to Pearl, and was halfway to Japan on August 6, 1945. Little did he know that Paul Tibbits would save his butt and win the war. A few years ago I wrote to Paul and thanked him for letting my dad come back and making 2 brothers and a sister for me to play with. He thanked me for my message.

  3. Yeah I heard part of that discussion on Medved and could not help thinking, as did Medved, that the Pinko woman was a condescending ass toward the soldier. FYI I’ve made contact with Gathering of Eagles here in Florida and may be confronting the Pinks when they protest, as happened recently in Berkeley CA.

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  5. I wonder at what age Code Pinkers think a person does understand his or her mortality?

    It didn’t even begin for me until my mid-fifties. I’ll be 70 next summer, and I think I still don’t have a firm grasp of my own mortality. Does that mean I’m still to young to enlist?

  6. Inasmuch as every act of the State is premised on its unique privilege of killing those who resist its decrees, one wonders what the CodePink person thinks of the idea of giving 24 year olds the right to vote.

    What’s that you say? They already have it? Will wonders never cease!

  7. The funny thing is that these people don’t learn.

    I mean, it must be really difficult to be a liberal: every time you open your mouth you run squarely up against one of your previously expressed opinions, just lying in wait to bite you in the ass.

    Have some sympathy, guys: it’s hard.

  8. Denial isn’t hard. Everything is just harder.

  9. CodePink has no interest in allowing other people, children or young adult, to make decisions that Code Pink can make for them.

    They don’t believe in stripping people of their rights, because they don’t people, other than CodePink members, have any rights.

    They also don’t believe in giving “choice” to younger individuals, since CodePink makes those choices for them so how can they truly believe that younger folks have any choice in the matter not dictated by CodePink requirements?

  10. Liberals want people to have free choice — as long as they make the choices the liberals want them to make.

    Making other choices shows you’re immature, hateful, or evil.

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