I like Giuliani’s speech — a lot

Check it out.  What do you think?


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  1. I think Rudy Giuliani’s goal is to get religious conservatives to the point where they will (reluctantly) admit, “I guess he’d be OK.” That would be a success for him.

    I’m interested – VERY interested – in what Book’s religious conservative audience here thinks of his speech. As a libertarian, I cheer his 100% support for personal responsibility. As a traditional values voter, I cheer his 100% support for the family – and not Hillary’s “village”.

    He has big problems over the 2nd amendment and gun control. His refusal to equate abortion with murder – he won’t even come close to that – is going to be a problem for religious conservatives, I think.

    What do all of you religious values voters think?

  2. I would consider myself a religious conservative. I also think that single issue voters will have a problem with Mr. Giuliani. I do not. The problem with singe issue voters is that they throw out the very good with what they consider bad. It must be remembered that the President has little control over Congress, other that his (to be politically incorrect) political strength.

    Personal responsibility is something that has been absent from our country for quite some time, and personaly, I would like to see it return. Giuliani has been my favorite for quite a while, and of course, I would like to see him elected. But I fear that the large contingent of singel issue voters is, again, going to hurt themselves and the rest of us.

    Myself, I vote for anyone who has a large ‘R’ after his name. I have seen too many critical issues discussed and voted on in Congress along strict party lines.

  3. What’s the term? Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater?

    Kind of a pun there, too, eh?

  4. The basic point of Rudy’s speech was personal responsebilatiy . You can not have a viable democracy where the voters are not responsible for their own lives.
    If he wants to encourage personal responsibility, then he has my vote.

  5. I’m a religious conservative (although I prefer traditionalist), and I’ve voted libertarian ever since 1972, and expect to, again. Of course, I’ve had the luxury of living in California, where voting for a Republican would have done no good, and now in Tennessee, where it doesn’t really matter, since this state wouldn’t even give their votes to a “native son”, Algore.

    However, the reason I wouldn’t vote for Rudy isn’t first and foremost his views on life issues, although I don’t have a big quarrel with people whose conscience won’t allow them to cast a vote for a guy who divides the human race into two groups, one with full human rights and another with something less….where is THAT kind of thing likely to lead?

    My first and foundational difficulty with the man is his performance as a prosecutor – in order to build his political career, when it was the popular thing to do, he wrecked people’s lives, by “perp-walking” them out of offices in handcuffs, when they were no threat to society, and would have reported quietly to his office had they been called. Their “crimes” had been, up to that point, mostly technical violations of a formidably complex body of financial rules, but people were angry, and someone needed to pay, and Rudy went after those with the least sympathy and the biggest political payoff for a ruthless prosecutor and aspiring politician.

    Of course, it worked…..and his tenure as mayor of NYC is definitely a feather in his cap. But, when we get down to Rudy’s core, what are we likely to find? What will he refuse to do if it is in his political best interest? We know that he’ll ruin the lives and careers of essentially harmless men and women if he needs to to advance his career…..what next?

    THAT is why I wouldn’t vote for Rudy Giuliani….I’ll take Mike Huckabee, any day of the week.

  6. Of course, it worked…..and his tenure as mayor of NYC is definitely a feather in his cap. But, when we get down to Rudy’s core, what are we likely to find?

    So your objections are that things could of occured differently?

    How’s that relevant to how things did turn out, and who exactly are these people you are refering to that were arrested in public?

  7. I’m a conservative Christian and I like Rudy because he’s tough. First he will have to beat the Clinton machine to get to the whitehouse, not a cakewalk by any means. But he handled perhaps the most concentrated essence of liberalism in Manhattan–and whupped em pretty good. I want the Republican party to get back in the faces of dems–they get away with far too much–they need a leader willing to brawl a little. I do not expect any talk of a “new tone” from Rudy; I expect a kick butt and take names administration.

    I do worry about what he might sponsor or allow as president; but I doubt he could anger me more than Bush did with his immigration nonsense, or his signing of the campaign finance bill, or his absolutely irresponisble spending–no vetoes in 6 years! or the education bill he handed Ted Kennedy, or the presciption drug benefit no one asked for or wanted.

    Rudy needs to assure those like me who want him in, but are feeling tentative, about gays, guns, and dicey bio-ethical issues that burgeon on the horizon. We already have his word on abortion and adoption, and the sorts of judges he will nominate. We know he will fight terror seriously, and he will take measures against illegal immigration.

    I’m fer ‘im.

  8. I agree, Pacifucus. The one thing I can assure everyone is that, no matter the conservative candidate who gets the nomination, he will not be everything you want. He will be too liberal on this, or too waffling on that, or too ignorant on something else. But I can absolutely promise you that he will be to the right of Hillary.

  9. In our day and age, we need someone that can create order out of chaos. Reid and Murtha can create chaos out of order, but that’s not what we want.

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