Good news out of Louisiana

Bobby Jindal won! Interestingly, the very first paragraph in the AP report talks, not about what he stands for politically, but his age and race. Identity politics in the 21st Century….


3 Responses

  1. Perhaps, finally, Louisiana, our token representative of the Third World, can begin to heal itself. Katrina sure opened some eyes, didn’t it?

  2. Not the press’. Their eyes were glued to the addiction of fame and power.


    Isn’t it more significant that whites voted for him — and in overwhelming numbers, despite the color of his skin? Isn’t that a clear sign of an absence of so-called racial prejudice?

    Or is it?

    Maybe someone should tell the race-obsessed Solons at The Times that anthropologists classify Indians as members of the Caucasian race. (Indeed, they are the original “Aryans.”)

    Then watch their heads explode.

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