Exposing liberal loopiness and the media that hides it

Nicholas Wishek has used Bore’s Nobel Prize as a leaping off point for a pointed expose of the looniness that is modern liberalism, and the complicit media that protects and serves the liberal agenda. Here are some nice little gems from the column, but I do think you should read the whole thing:

Now, I truly believe that most liberals are well-meaning. I just don’t think that they have a clue. They have no clue about history. They have no clue about human nature. And, worst of all they have absolutely no clue about what makes sense and what doesn’t. If their perception of the world didn’t affect my life, I wouldn’t care. People have the right to be as out of touch with reality as they want. The trouble is that liberals want to change the world in which I live, which does affect me.

For instance, liberals want to put government in charge of health care. That must mean they want the same level of efficiency for our health care system as we have in the IRS, the DMV and the post office. Are you kidding me? Any reasonable person realizes that these government agencies are disasters. Call the IRS with a tax problem, and you get as many different answers as the calls you make. All of us have been to the DMV. Do you really want your life-and-death health care decisions handled the same way? You’d take a number and hope you live long enough to get to the head of the line. And as for the post office, why do you think that UPS and FedEx are doing so well?


Given this, I have to ask why these ludicrous positions are listened to instead of ridiculed. Why aren’t more Americans aware of the consequences of the liberal agenda? Heck, most Americans don’t even know about the majority of the loopy positions being promoted by liberals. Why not? Sadly, the mainstream media has been suborned from within by social progressives who promote their agenda when reporting the news.

Take, for instance, former Gen. Ricardo Sanchez’s recent speech was reported by mainstream media as an attack on Bush’s Iraq policy. He did, indeed, attack Bush’s Iraq policy, but the first part of his speech attacked the media for aiding and abetting the enemy and putting American troops in danger. Somehow that part of his speech was overlooked by most of these media sources. The “why” is obvious. The media are supposed to report the news, not filter it. This is not happening, and as result, far too many Americans have a slanted, possibly dangerously uniformed understanding of current events. Really, if you get your news and opinions from late-night talk show hosts, MTV and Hollywood movie stars, how well-informed can you be?


3 Responses

  1. A good thing to point out to females if they support some sort of government run healthcare is that their trips to see their doctor will be more like trips to the DMV, post office, or other government run operation. I’ve seen that point driven home through the sudden look of horror in the eyes of a female I know when they actually think about it.

  2. I tend to think the Left has some kind of idea concerning human nature. After all, would useful idiots have been created if the creators knew nothing about human nature? They know, it is just that they only know about the negative aspects of human nature. In that sense, of course the United States looks bad, rotten, and evil to them. They can imagine nothing else, believe you me.

  3. “I truly believe that most liberals are well-meaning.”

    I used to believe that, and it might well have been true at some time in the past. However, the trend among liberals is toward automatically characterizing conservatives and libertarians as evil. Anyone who does this must be presumed, by the ordinary rules of inference, to wish conservatives and libertarians harm — and is therefore evil himself.

    What’s the ratio? Hard to say. But the most vocal folks on the left certainly don’t appear to consider us on the right merely misguided or mistaken.

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