Why don’t they just call it the “Berlin Airport”?

The reason people are disgusted with politicians, politics and committees is because of the time they waste on things like this:

Berlin’s first major international airport may be far from finished — opening day is at least four years off — but politicians have already started squabbling over its name. Should it be the Albert Einstein Airport? Marlene-Dietrich International? Or something to do with Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, the Nazi officer who led a failed plot to assassinate Hitler in 1944?

A Social Democrat in the Berlin state legislature kicked off the debate by suggesting Willy Brandt for the honor. Brandt was a mayor of West Berlin who went on to be West German chancellor in the early 1970s, during the détente or thawed phase of the Cold War. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1971 for his policies during détente.

And on, and on, and on….

As I said in my post title, why don’t they stop wasting their time and just call it the Berlin Airport, which is what everyone else in the world will call it anyway?  On the other hand, of course, spending time on pointless tasks such as this may keep them out of further legislative mischief.


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  1. Berin is broke. The mayor is best known for his social life and for raising great philosophical questions like, “Is Germany ready for a gay chancellor?” (He is gay.) The communists are in the local government. There is a huge Turkish population whose kids aren’t learning German and are school dropouts. Unemployment is high, especially in the east. Because of the many publicly supported cultural attractions, the city is full of artsy types who regularly announce that western culture will die if their budget is cut.

    I suspect the Berliners will love the diversion.

  2. they could call it the Ronald Reagan Airport of Freedom. That would be nice

  3. They should call it Adolf Hitler Airport, but that’s not going to happen…

  4. Mecca -North?

  5. If you think I was kidding, I wasn’t. Just look at expat’s reply. That, of course, is only the tip of the iceberg. Frau Doktor Merkel has proven herself to be servile to NWO and theyouknowwhos, just as the other major nations. The EU (The European Parliament is the Supreme Soviet and the European Commission is the Politburo) is the new USSR and any nation that is willing to protect it’s people and national sovereignty is attacked.

  6. They could insist upon zero CO2 emissions and call it Al Gore International Airport. Of course, there wouldn’t be any air traffic to speak of but that is the price to be paid for saving the planet.

  7. zhombre, I hope your kidding!

  8. Hey, Al Gore is a modern saint. After all, he got the Nobel Prize, and the opinions of a small group of cloistered provincial constipated leftist Norwegians who refuse to come to terms with the cultural anemia and irrelevancy of their country and its trashing by militant Muslim immigrants who refuse to assimilate can’t be wrong!

  9. On the other hand, of course, spending time on pointless tasks such as this may keep them out of further legislative mischief.

    Well, it is not really pointless since the bureacrats can rake in some premium favors for naming it after certain people.

  10. While de Tageszeitung suggests Bertold Brecht since his initials won’t change the aipport code (BBI) This is not a good enough reason. Germans care more about sports than politics or culture. No reasonable person could argue with this. I propose Boris Becker, one of the nations greatest sporting heroes. Incidentially, in this case they would also not have to change the airport code, as he shares the same initials as Berlin Brandenburg and Bertold Brecht so the code would also remain BBI.

  11. No need for confusion.

    I say, since Germany is releasing the Iranian’s regime contractor criminal carrier KAZEM DARABI that will be released on or near Christmas; main as well, name the New Berlin airport after him.

    I would have suggested Ahmadajad, but I want to sound neither racist, nor accused in upsetting the French again; certainly due to the EU unity.

  12. Well, I’m not sure I agree.

    Why is New-York Airport is called after JFK? And why is the only international airport in Israel called after Ben-Gurion? I sort of like the German habbit of dedicating time and thought when choosing names.

    But than again – I’m very fond of Berlin and tend to like Wowreit, so maybe I see things in somewhat of a naive way.

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